Dear So And So – Stretched and Exfoliated Edition

Dear So and So...

Dear Weekend,

TGIF!!! (wonders  if  I’m getting any AMENs out there?)  You sure took your darn good time arriving this week, and not a moment too soon.  I’m tired, okay more like exhausted.  It began on Monday morning when,  if I stood on a box, on my tip toes, shielded my eyes with my hand and squinted really hard, I could see you.  Every day I watched you come closer and closer, anticipating your arrival and all you will bring with you on this 3 day, Labor Day holiday version of your end of the week madness self.  HUGS!!! I missed you so much!

Love me


Dear Daycare Darlings,

I love you all…everyone from the tiniest of chubby little feet up to the two, 7 year olds that are not here very long for the day.  Mostly I am addressing you, the infant and toddlers.  Okay really you two toddler types, the 1 and 2 year old.  What is up with all the whining this week???  Is there some kind of conspiracy to send me over the edge?  See just how much I can take before the very kind men come with the straight jacket and haul me off to a padded cell?  Lord love a duck, baby girl and baby boy, can we please please PLEASE stop. the. whining???

Thank you with much love,

Ms. Marti


Dear Noel,

You are the alpha cat, top feline, the 4 pawed  boss of the furry kids in this house, and I love you.  You are indeed pretty, though you are shedding like you are being paid to do so.  You rarely come to my room, you seem to respect that it is Pixel’s domain.  But last night you came for a visit in the middle of my sleeping.  Your furry self wrapped around my head, your front half looking like a cat version of the Sphinx, tail periodically sweeping across my cheek.  I am flattered that you felt the need to come and watch protectively over me while I slept, considering you seem skittish about entering my room at all.  So of course, this morning, a lint roller was needed to remove all of your gray fur that you shed on my black pillow cases.  Thanks bunches.

And really, you are too kind.  Nothing quite like having my nose  exfoliated by your tongue.   I knew that cat’s tongues were kinda spikey feeling, but wasn’t really prepared for how that felt as you licked my nose from bridge to the tip.  Interesting.  Sweet of you, really.  Don’t do it again.  Really, I mean it, do not do this ever again.


One of your human staff


Dear Self,

You are starting to take this multi-tasking thing a bit  too far.  It is okay to set REALISTIC goals for what you need to accomplish in the day.  But trying to feed a 1yo, while emptying and loading the dishwasher, while carrying the infant in a front/chest style baby carrier, while flipping laundry….well sweetie no wonder you are hurting!  Lugging 12 extra pounds around while doing it all is good exercise.  But don’t stretch  your self so thin, you are NOT Super Elastic Bubble Plastic.  I’m fairly certain that stuff is toxic, and while the Count says you are intoxicating, that isn’t really on par with his thoughts.   Relax, no one is going to steel the dirty laundry or dishes while you care for the wee ones.


Your aging self

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