Thursday Morning Coffee Musings

Hang on to your panties and boxer short bands, I’ve had my coffee and the weekend is almost here.  No longer  standing on my toes to see it, I can almost reach out and touch it!

Ah nothing like waking up to more goop on my eye, it draining like there is no tomorrow, and now the other one is puffy.  Oh the joy!  Hoping that the camomile tea bags are going to help with this but honestly just not feeling it.  A friend saw it on my Facebook status and dropped off drops from when she recently had it, YEAH ME!!! No worries now, it will clear up.  Oh, but the camomile tea bags DID sooth the itch and the soreness so if you are experiencing allergy issues that bug the  eyes, they are amazing for relief. Oh and it reduced the swelling too, very sweet.

What was in your spam/junk email folder this morning?  I had 2 emails advertising penis enlargement/male size enhancement products.  Not something me or the Count is in need  of, but hey, if you are a guy and looking for such products, while I cannot endorse one, I can hook a brother up!  Forward your email addy and I’ll forward the advertisements to you.

My sinuses are draining like day 21 of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain during the great flood.  Pleasant visual, I know!  You’re welcome.  Stupid allergies, and of course Pixel just had to lay all over my pillow looking for love as I was going to bed last night.  She is lucky I love  her so much.  🙂

I am still kicking myself over Farmville, I cannot believe I did this to myself.  I even get an email now when my crops are ready to harvest, how insane is that?  Don’t answer, and please do not judge.

Found a new application thanks to a Twitter buddy,  Run Keeper.  Logs via GPS my walks or run, and calculates some other things too.  I also have added the SparkPeople app and their recipe app too.  No more slacking, I am getting the weight off if it kills me!  I need more energy too and what better way to do it?

Day three of NO makeup, and if  it weren’t for being an Avon rep I might just blow it off completely except for when going out.  But I am a walking billboard for my products so I like to wear the Imari perfume and all my makeup is Avon.

Anyone else have this issue?  You get a catalog with the intention of ordering  ONE item, in this case it is a  Thirty-One Gifts catalog, and you suddenly think you NEED everything they make? OMG what a great bunch of items.  And one of the current fabrics matches my room decor!!! I am having to exercise serious self control.

Okay off to see what trouble I can land myself in as far as blogging topics today.  Several hops/memes and of course Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.  Off to find inspiration that I can actually write about, which in this case is NOT the stuff I found on my son and daughter’s Facebook status updates and resulting comments last night, we have a family reputation to protect.