1. And I thought it was just ME ! I swear, something happened. A year and a half ago, I got my TT and was set to set the world on fire with a new tummy. Then menopause kicked into high gear and everything has gone to hell. I gained 30 and my skin…and on and on. So I went to the doc yesterday, he put me on a cholesterol pill, and I’m having a colonoscopy tomorrow. If this isn’t the end of the world….I am going to do something drastic. I’ve ordered some stuff for the menopause that will help with the weight loss. More exercise, and less wine for me. I HATE getting old !

    • Oh hell it isn’t the end of the world, women like us don’t get out that easy! LOL we have far to much hell to raise yet!

  2. Stopping by from Only Parents Chronicles! I’m on that journey too. I need to lose about the same. So I set a mini goal to reach by Thanksgiving. I’ve lost 25 and have been stuck at the same weight for about two years. Maintaining is good I guess. Looking forward to reading your blog! 🙂
    Go for it! You can do it!

  3. Ya know, I’ve probably mentioned it before but I’ll do so again – Roncker’s has a walking group that trains for half-marathons and marathons, the 10k Turkey Trot & various other races. It’s not that expensive, is a great way to make friends, and meeting up with a group twice a week helps keep you accountable. Then you’ve only got 2 more to do on your own. Right now groups are meeting Weds nights (6:30) & Sat morn (7:30am – to beat the heat). You’re also welcome to join me at boxing class if that interests you at all – 1st class free. 🙂

  4. Mich Ultras!!! Im trying to get some lbs off, but the bread wont leave me alone, and the pizzas taunt me whenever I open the fridge. Kegging your own beer doesnt help!!!
    Hugs Mama San and good luck

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