Don’t Make Me Give Him To My Ex!!!

Oh readers, you know that I no longer harbor ill will or feelings toward the ex-hubby, never really did, just loads of pain that is now water that  flowed under the bridge.  But really, don’t make me do this.

On my Avon blog page, I’m hosting a give away, something I have done a few times in the past between this blog and that one, with much success.  But now, I’ve had a give away up for a week and not one. single. entry.  SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!  This  little guy, We Got The Treats Pete, is adorable!  YES his song COULD become annoying if the kids push his little button too many times, but just put him up high so they cannot reach him.  He wants a good home, and while it is only August 21st,  come on, Halloween is only 71 days away.  It will be here before you know and it and then you will be kicking yourself thinking “OMG, why didn’t I enter? Pete would be the ultimate addition to our holiday decor”, and oh how you will weep with regret.

SO, anyone and everyone is eligible, just get over there and enter.  Or I may have to hand him off to my daughter, who lives with the ex-hubster, also a Pete, and well…yeah you get the idea! We’re on better terms but let’s not have me contributing to the decorating of his home.

Click the cute photo and get over there and enter!!!


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