1. I already have an appointment to give when they stop by my work place. Our company has been promoting volunteer work for the past few months, we have already had a couple blood drives, a book fair, a car wash for a local senior center and a few various other activities. I too have scar tissue from previous donations and last time, the guy who was sticking me, must have jabbed it through the other side of my vein. Ouch for sure! Lol. He fixed it though and I made it through it. : )..

  2. I LOVE giving blood and get notified by email when it’s time to find “The Big Red Bus”. It’s so easy. I have a rare type (AB+) but they can do so much with it. And sometimes the gifts are great. Last month I got a $10 Walgreens Gift Card AND a $10 Gas card. Can’t beat that.

    Good for you Marti. For being a “Hero”

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