The Dating Diaries ~ Love Grows In My Garden

The garden gate opens now all on it’s own, it recognizes The Count and welcomes him inside the walls that protect my heart.  He brings with him a warmth when he enters here, a feeling of peace and harmony.  Little by little, he is exploring every inch of the landscape, getting to know everything that grows here or has  once been within the walls.  While we’ve glanced  across  to the area that is burned and damaged, he doesn’t push for more than I am ready to give up.  Already love is sowing healing seeds and new growth is starting on the other side.  With every day the painful memories of the past slip further away under the sprouting new flowers there, and in some  strange way my past tears are now fertilizing the soil that is bringing forth the new life.

I knew when I met the former prince, before I even knew his name, that he was someone I was supposed love and marry.  This time, I had only a photo, voice and a lot of communication on texts and the phone with The  Count, but inside something was stirring to life.  The first time I looked into his eyes I knew that feeling again.  Destiny was sitting in front of me, all I had to do was let it take me by the hand and lead me.  When he reached out and took my hand, continuing to see into my eyes and my heart and soul, we both knew.  There was no denying it.  When he searched inside of me, he didn’t push, and I didn’t deny him what he wanted to see.  He has gone where  only one other person dared to look, but that one was not mine, and I was not his.  For a long time I did not grasp why, but now I know…because Mr. Wonderful was not my destiny, The Count is.

From that first meeting, in the first few moments, there hasn’t been any singular in our discussions. It has been all about us, we, our….we’re like 2 puzzle pieces that fit so perfectly together.  The longer we are together the less of the seam that separates us can be seen even to us.  His life dream and mine fit together so very well.  Completely different, yet so perfectly suited to compliment each.  When we envision those dreams, we see each other in there, have since the first moment.  He is a very strong personality, with the softest of hearts.

I needed a man who could match or exceed the strength of my personality, there is no questioning he is that one.  Yet he is tender, and loving and wants to make me happy.  He knows my dark secrets, I know his.  We both accept the other completely: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.  Neither of is looking for perfect, we both want someone perfectly imperfect.  I’m reading the book that was mentioned once by Chuck, Love and Respect – by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs,  and see where the former prince and I went wrong, some of the situations described could be right out of our 22 years, down to the very words used in scenarios.  It won’t happen again, I simply won’t allow it.  I  know where I went wrong, where he was wrong, and how to not let that happen this time around.

“Go slow” is the intent, but it is hard.  We both know we need time to figure it all out, but we’re both in and committed.  My dating profiles have been removed, I have no desire to see anyone else, I found him.  Or maybe better said, he found me.  One flirt on a dating site has led to the start of what WILL be an amazing life as we work together to make our dreams come true.


    • The Divas have not met the Count, yet. But he will be working the Skirt Game with us Friday so they will have a chance to meet him 🙂

  1. Oh honey”) This one sounds “right”…I’ve a suggestion as to “your song” LOL
    Andy William’s “Happy Heart”…I immediately thought of the two of you after reading your latest. The Count is indeed a special man to have been given open access to your garden! It must indeed be very special. Oh? I’m gonna get that book! Hugs, gal”)

  2. I read this blog and was reminded of something I told my daughter over the weekend. She’s been with the same great guy for over 7 years. They’ve worked at the same places, went to the same schools, and took the same classes… since they were 15 years old. They’ve lived together in a quaint little apartment in Montgomery the past two years. On the weekends, he golfs, skateboards, spends time with his friends, etc. while my daughter visits her mom, her sisters, sometimes me or shops, or otherwise does what she does in her free time, which is a lot of “not much”. Most people making objective observations of her and her boyfriend’s relationship would conclude rather quickly that my daughter has lost herself in him. And at times, some people will even counsel her likewise. Her older sisters and others (myself included) will tell her things like, “you need to broaden your horizons or expand your circle” or words to that effect. Well, this past weekend as her and I were sitting outside Starbucks enjoying the day, this subject came up… as it usually does. But one thing I do realize and realized as her and I were talking is that “the way it is, is the way that makes her happy”. She has balance in her relationship. When people share their objective, and usually uninvited, opinion with her about her relationship, me included, it makes her uncomfortable. She is somehow made to feel that she should be doing more, she should be more, she should have more, etc. But she is happy. So… the one thing I left her with this past Saturday afternoon and the thing I hope she remembers most, is “to not listen too much to what others say as long as she feels balanced and is happy”. I’m reminded of my own past situations. Not too many people, maybe not even one, said, “you two make an excellent couple or you’re so great for one another” or offered any encouragement at all. But those same people were usually never around when either of us may have needed them, nor were they around to watch us having the time of our lives together and enjoying, in bits and pieces, our delicate balance and how special that could be. In the end, “they” were right. And I sort of get the impression “they” are very proud of themselves too. But from my end, I couldn’t a bit more regret my past experiences in spite of all the “advice” I was given for anything in the world. The good and the great experiences outnumbered the bad 10 to 1 and I needed those great experiences above all else in my life. So why am I responding to this particular blog with this particular line of thought… read between the lines but also know that I hope your great experiences are 1000 to 1.

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