The Best Job In The World


The one you are doing that you LOVE to do!

Nothing is worse than getting up in the morning and going to a job you don’t like.  It eats at you and will impact your over all job performance.  I have been there and it is really hard.  Your stress level gets  on the ceiling easily, you are miserable, you don’t sleep or eat right, just not good.  It doesn’t matter if it pays outstanding money, if you are not happy that money isn’t going to make it more tolerable.

When you love what you do, it doesn’t matter how much or little it pays, you LIKE getting up and  going to work.  Certainly, even in a job we love, there are days we just want to pull the pillow over our head and go back to sleep.  Maybe a big project is due, or maybe we just didn’t get enough rest. Either way, if over all we enjoy our work  it is easier to excel.

I am there  right now, I love what I do.  Kids are  a blast and watching them has been the best employment option I have ever chosen.  It is not great money, but it is GOOD money and at the end of the day  I  am tired but feel good about my day.  I love working for myself, it is a whole different world now.  Between the kids and working sales for Avon, I am far happier and less stressed, way more  relaxed, than I have ever been at any job.

The best job in the world is the one you WANT to be doing!