Do Not Judge Me

I didn’t get up and go to church today, but that is because I had something to do that I felt needed to be done.

I have not made it to church for a month and a half, but don’t assume anything simply because I am not there.

My life has been full of hills and valleys, more than you will ever know and there has been a good deal of pain and suffering that were not of my making. 

Sometimes when the cards are down or things have been difficult, I withdraw for a while, it is how I cope.  Don’t assume the worst.

Just because I’m not sitting in a pew doesn’t mean I am not in the Word, or in prayer on a regular basis.

Yes, sometimes I compare my life to the lyrics of songs NOT by the Christian artists, that is because in trying to  express myself at the moment, P!nk has it more on than Jason Gray.  Using the lyrics to try to bring across where  I am or was or what I am feeling is  NOT promoting the artist, it is about the words of the song and how they spoke to ME.

You know nothing about what is in my heart.

When you have walked a mile in my shoes, then you can feel free to  point out the things in my life that need work.  The Lord is working on many areas, just not the  ones you seem to have issues with, but trust me, He is at work and there is plenty of it to work on.

Do not judge me.


  1. Not really sure where this all came from but it sounds as if someone may have called you out on your faith and tied it to your attendance at church? For me, I used to attend church regularly but have not done so in quite some time. For me, my faith is not the same as it once was. I do not attend church. I do not read the bible. I do not hear bible stories and I do not have close community with other believers. I am not reminded on at least a weekly basis that, “Yes, I’m a sinner and yes, that is okay”. So I’m sort of left floating a bit in the spiritual sense. I sometimes feel less than what I am. I need a reminder that it’s okay to be who I am and that who I am is a good person, a person with passion and heart, a person tacking his way along an imperfect route. The weekly sermon’s would remind me that I’m no more than an imperfect human and that it’s okay as that’s the way it should be. God gives me choices and then we all hope it works out. I miss my weekly sermons suggesting His eternal hope and love for me tied into some obscure message about sheep or slaves or kings. I miss my pastor and his swearing and drinking beer from the pulpit to show me that maybe I ain’t so bad afterall since he is surely living right and on his way to Heaven. I miss my church community reminding me, sometimes of who not to be, but more often reminding me of what grace looks like. Grace doesn’t come natural to most folks. They need to be reminded, and they need to be reminded often. I miss my study groups, pouring over the meaning of this or that and then having an in-depth discussion on how it relates to our lives and reinforces the holy spirit within us. “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “who among us can cast the first stone?” and stuff along those lines. How much more refreshed my spirit would be if I would find my church again?

    • Excellent and deep stuff there, Movin’ On. And really hits home with me that I NEED to get there, this Sunday.

  2. No judgement here not my job
    some people
    make church their God
    and It should never be that way

  3. The hypocrisy and judgementalness of Christians was the final nail in the coffin of me attending church. It wasn’t THE thing by a long shot, but I couldn’t tolerate that aspect anymore.

    No judgement here, but it probably doesn’t count for much since I love P!nk, relate to her and don’t even claim to be a Christian anymore or to have much faith whatsoever.

  4. That was beautiful. And so true. If you live a good life you need not go to church to “prove it”. Some of the best examples in my life have never been to church. They are naturally compassionate good people.

    I would never ever judge you. Unless of course, you killed me. 🙂

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