The Dating Diares ~ If Tiki Barber And Brett Favre Can Do It…

If Tiki Barber and Brett Favre can do it, then I suppose it is acceptable for the first date shirt to also make a come back and come out of retirement, right?

I jumped a tad too soon  when I decided to pull off the dating scene.  It is so easy to get my head stuck in the fantasy clouds when flowers and beautiful words are given.  And as much as I want to find the one that holds the key to my garden gate, it cannot be forced open.  I thought Romeo might hold a key, but it is not the case.  The chemistry simply is not there, no  key will appear to him.  😦

The keys are forged from chemistry, and my love is the magic  that coats them and allows them to turn in the lock.  That chemistry cannot be made  from all the wishing and wanting in the world, it is something that  is there or  is not..and again in this case, it simply is not.  I wanted very much for it to be, because all the right things were said and done.   It is frustrating to me, I cannot believe or accept that only 3 men in this world have had a key to my heart, and been able to unlock the gate.

Mr. Wonderful still has his, and sometimes comes and sits beside me on the bench to talk, telling me what I need to hear  rather than the things I want to listen too.  He is my best friend (until I find the man I am searching for), and will always be welcome to visit my garden while I am single.   But he is not the one I will grow old with.  The  Superhero’s key is beginning to lose its glow, the magic is  fading fast, and soon  he too will no longer be able to  enter the garden, which is sad as he only stepped through the gate and went no further.  The only other one to hold a key, Prince  Charming, his no longer works in the lock at all, he is banished from the garden forever without ever having tried it in the lock during those 22 years.

The gate is locked and  sealed tight for now, centuries stand guard to protect my heart, and the search continues for the fourth, and hopefully final one that holds its key….


  1. That is perfect for me Marti. You know my situation and what my heart is about right now. As in I’m shut down for now. I would love to and will still plan to take you on the 22nd. I’ll call next week and we’ll work out details.

  2. Hey. Gosh. I don’t know how to ask, but did you put the shirt away again? Heading to Detroit for the weekend for golf and a festival with a brother-in-law… July 22???

    • Still going with you on the 22nd…unless you want to take someone else? Shirt IS put away but still friends with you so that is your call.

  3. keep your head up marti ….. theres plenty of good men out there still, ya just gotta look hard!!

  4. Well, I’m not that long out of the search/dating scene, and I can honestly say that I know EXACTLY how it feels. There are times that I almost long for the old days before the internet. Yes, the convenience and variety are there. It’s easy to let our imaginations run wild about who or what might be on the other side of the computer or the phone line, only to find out that they may fulfill some of the senses (sound and sight) but they can’t cut the mustard when it comes to the “touch”. It happened to me too. I would have it built up in my mind about what the guy was like, and then meet him and think, ah hell no. I think that’s worse than meeting the old-fashioned way like when you’re shopping, or at church, or even a bar. The hardest lesson that I had to learn from on-line dating was that we are ALL someone’s ex. And there are reasons why we are all exes. And we all think that we are a good catch for someone, we just have to find the right someone. I personally hope that it isn’t true when they say “there’s someone for everyone”, because that would mean we only get one chance, and I know that isn’t true. You almost have to expect the worst, and when something good happens you can be pleasantly surprised.

    Back to the drawing board. And get that shirt out….maybe it’s a lucky charm instead of something that needs to be retired !! We’re all rooting for ya !!

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