The Dating Diaries ~ So Long eHarmony!

If you are reading this and one of those potentials that I have shared my blog address with, DO NOT  PANIC! I have not  discovered, to my knowledge, Mr. Right.  I’m just making some decisions regarding where I will continue to search for him.

Seriously I’ve wasted enough money on eHarmony, when my 3 months runs out, I’m NOT going to re-up.  They seem to fail to understand things like yes distance IS important.  I am NOT relocating.  I won’t.  I can’t.  My job is right here and I  cannot pack up and relocate when I f ind the Frog Prince, the beast that is really a Prince when he finds me, his Belle.  I need to stay fairly close to where I am unless said Prince plans to support me while I build my Avon business.  Not likely so I’ll be staying put.

I’m also dumping  Another grand waste.  If the scientific chemistry  involved there is any indication, they failed their  state’s proficiency test when it came to reading comprehension.  Enough said.

So far sticking it out with, Zoosk and Plenty of Fish (POF).  Actually I have had far more  success with Zoosk and POF  than any other.  It is where I’ve met Chuck, Torero, Professor, Coach and Titleist (do you LOVE the nicknames I come with or what!).  There have been others but these are deserving of further progression, they have potential.

Yes, I have to look through a lot of toads for the frogs, but that is okay!  I am enjoying getting to know new friends, some that I will keep just as friends but for a long time to come.

The dating continues in  the search for my Prince.


  1. E-Harmony is the worst! With Chemistry being a close 2nd. Yes, I’ve tried them all at one point or another and damn if it isn’t hard to find that one shiny penny in the ginormous pile of crap online. 😉

    You should check out OKCupid ~ it’s *pretty* decent for a free site. Same concept as Match (which I do as well), with some quirky additions (both the site and the guys) …… keep up the search! He’s out there!

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