The Dating Diaries ~ Update, Opposites, And Bottom Feeders

First an update!  I know you are all dying  to hear how my next outing with the humorous Chuck went, and I must say, quite well.  In my opinion anyway (Chuck can chime in anytime!).  We went to The Shadowbox, my very favorite place to laugh my butt off, chair dance to a fantastic house band, and eat good food and drink cold beer.  It was very nice,  the company of course highly entertaining as always.  Then we walked outside and watched the fireworks after the Reds game.  Was a great night weather wise, and of course the conversation moved along at a great pace. Then we hit the Irish pub in the Levee before heading home to sit on the deck for a bit.  Thanks Chuck, had a great night!!!  🙂


As in opposite personality types, lifestyle, just about everything.

I  am moderately conservative in my political views.  I say moderately because in some ways I am far more liberal than many on team Right Wing (I support gay marriage for example).  In other ways, staunchly buried to the right.

I am also a meat eater.  Meat IS dinner.  I love my steaks, chicken and SOME sea food.  Grill it and hand me the steak knife then get  your  fingers out of the way or  risk losing one.  I like goat curry and even like frog legs, though while I do agree they taste  like chicken, I still battle  with my stomach while trying to wrap my head  around the idea of a bunch of little legless frogs.  But, I DO like them.  I will win the battle, no worries there.

And as you know, my faith  is important.  I have my beliefs.   I was raised Catholic, left at 18 and have been to a variety of churches  from charismatic to Methodist.  My church is non-denominational, but lines up pretty closely with the Reformed Baptists (Calvinist).  I  know my way through the Bible fairly well, I’ve had my own for 27 or so years, it is highlighted, noted etc all over.  I hate the term ‘religious’.  I am not religious.  I am a christian, I place all of my faith for eternity in the work of Christ on the cross and nothing of my own doing including my desire to follow Him.

So,  imagine my shocker when I receive contact on one of the dating sites from a man who is very liberal, his religion is science (facts and logic  he said), and he is a vegetarian.  I’ll give you a moment to laugh at the possible hail storm this sort of match up might be.  *moment*  Yes, my thoughts exactly.  ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME PAL????  Needless to say I said no thank-you, we have zero  in common.  He then wanted to get into a discussion about why I am conservative.  No thanks, blocked!  Opposites do attract at times, but rarely make it the long haul.  Not a chance.


Oh if only some men had a clue.  Do I LOOK like I should be standing on a street corner in a mini-skirt, wearing entirely too much make-up, chewing my gum and strutting my stuff, “hey sailor, buy me a drink?” on my lips?  I should hope not, because if I do, I need to run for the convent.  I have SOME class!

I received an email today on one of the sites (one I pay for!):

Damn you’re sexy! let’s have dinner?

Yep, hold me back, hubba hubba….NOT!!!! I  suggested that he look at Adult Friend Finder or a swinger site, he is obviously clueless about class and relationships.  Can you say BOTTOM FEEDER???  Ah well, loads of toads in the  mix, but that is okay, I’m finding plenty of nice gents too.,


  1. I feel like I dodged a bullet! I made it on the “update” and not the “opposites and bottom feeders” sections… I was worried pulling this blog up! For the record before I forget, next time, you wear the mini-skirt and I’ll bring you the chewing gum. 🙂 Everything Marti said above… plus this: Well, I arrived to the Westside about 45 minutes early to pick you up, so I killed 30 minutes sitting on the back deck of the only other place I knew of in that area… is it starting to feel like home to me? No. I’m still an Eastside guy but it was familiar and easy nonetheless. The drive is actually only about 45 minutes so that’s not so bad either. Anyway… you looked very pretty and I was very glad to see you again. I enjoyed all the activities and the conversation… conversation with you flows very easily. You get my jokes and I get yours right back. You seem to have a “Betty Badass” shell of an exterior, and a good looking shell at that, which I believe belies an interior of sugar and spice… which I’ll take any day over the other way around but don’t get me started on that! Sorry the evening came to an end as I’m sure we could have talked into the morning… sometimes it’s hell having a dog that eats and stuff… then my GPS directed me home via miles of winding country roads followed by Queen City Ave to Harrison Ave. to I75… that was interesting at 1:00 a.m. Come to think of it, 45 minutes is too long… Next time, dog’s gonna have to eat grass and tree bark as I’m bringing a sleeping bag and pillow!

    • LOL you just crack me up! 🙂 You look real nice yourself there, Chuck 😉 no complaints here!

  2. You mean that because a guy called you sexy you DIDN’T jump all over that? That’s practically a declaration of love from some of the toads on some dating sites. That reminds me of the ones that will say, “Hey baby, let me fly you down here so I can take you out”. Yes, of course a smart woman would do that. Forget EVERYTHING Mom said about men that want you to cross state lines to meet them and have dinner. Never mind how you’re gonna get there, or how you’re gonna get back…IF you survive. Sometimes, the great quote from Robin Williams comes to mind when I think about the dating sites. He said, “God gave men two heads. But only enough blood to run one of them at a time.” Idiots !!

    • Yeah, Cinn, I am thinking that has CSI:Midwest written all over it! I have encountered a few of those “let me fly you….” but this Price Hill born and raised girl is street wise enough to say “HELL NO”.

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