The Dating Diaries ~ Site Update/Opinions

Well it has been interesting since I joined the dating sites, seeing where all this takes me.  I do have to say, that over all I’ve had really great dates, with some super nice guys.  Sadly chemistry has to be there and that is usually fairly immediate.  Not “OMG LOVE AT FIRST SITE” kind  of chemistry, but sparks that say “I want to spend more time with you, getting to know you”, that kind of chemistry.

3 first dates have had that for me.  So of the many men I’ve met, 3 have snagged my attention to move  on to another get together.

I’ve tried out 5 different sites now, eHarmony, Match, Chemistry, Zoosk and Plenty of Fish.  You definitely can say that a paying site is best, it does weed out SOME of the riff raff.  But not all pay sites have impressed me.

eHarmony claims to have wonderful success rates, and be the best.  I beg to differ, unless I am just such an outstanding, rare jewel that there are precious few possible matches in this world.   Most of the matches they sent me, yeah no thanks, don’t think so.  Not buying into their match up system so much. Especially when many of the matches haven’t been online for weeks! is actually pretty good, in fact I have had most of the dates so far from there.  Priced reasonable but not cheap, and there is some sort of questioning done during the set up process.  It is fairly user-friendly and if I continue to pay to belong that will likely be the one I stay with.  I do find it highly amusing the number of men I actually know outside of the sites, that are on there, that I have been matched with.  Thinking either a brick wall may  need to fall on them, or I need to give up and join the convent. is part of the family I think, it is where I saw it anyway.  So far, not really impressed at all.  Lot’s of chemistry match ups, but so far nothing has panned out from there.

Zoosk is okay too, not too bad on pricing, but it  seems to have a lot more toads than frogs.  Have met a few nice guys but have met a few kinda stalkerish types too, thankfully not in person.

Plenty of Fish, well you can use that one primarily free.  And that means a lot of weeding through profiles and tons of emails.  I feel like fish food since setting up a profile, I get more contacts than I can handle.  This little angel fish thinks she’ll have to watch out for more sharks on this site.

I am enjoying myself, however, and plan to keep looking  for my prince.  Who knows, I may have already met him in those 3, or I may a few more frogs to kiss.


  1. Well, you know I don’t care for E-Harmony…because they rejected me. And I wonder about Most dates, most relationships, most marriages….I wonder if they have the most divorces too.
    I was on POF. Met a bunch of nice guys, but most were un-employed. Sorry, I wasn’t making enough to support myself let alone a bum. And some couldn’t understand that “no tobacco use” includes chew, pipes, and cigars too…Geesh. If a guy was online at all hours of the day…that always sent up a red flag…(no job)
    I met Terry on Biker or Not. It’s another free site, but you have to admit, that if someone is riding, they are probably employed. I had the best and most successful dating experiences there. You like to ride…check it out. It is Biker or NOT. Lots of fender fluff on there !

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