Serial Pokers…

There they are, every time I log in, or refresh my screen, on my Facebook page…”pokes” from various friends.

What exactly IS the purpose of a “poke”.  What is the meaning behind “poking” someone?  Careful now, you perverts, I know what THAT kind of poke is…I’ve had 3 kids, obviously I’ve been poked before.  I won’t go into detail but believe me, I’ve been poked and by some damned impressive pokers…but I will stop there before I get a call from my kids about inappropriate posts.

So, is “poking” on Facebook some kind of virtual encounter of an adult kind? Perverse “poking”??  Hmm…let us hope not, as kids are on there.  Though I suppose depending on who is doing the “poking” and who is the recipient of that “poke” it could be taken that way, might even be enjoyable or…never mind.

Is it the same type of poke as when one of your siblings would poke you in the back seat of the car?  “Mom, she’s touching me, she poked me!”, because in that case, there is nothing at all nice about those kind of “pokes” and mom doesn’t give a flying frog’s ass these days  if your brothers are “poking” you….and wow that over heard out of proper context…yeah (see, this whole “poking” thing is kinda dangerous and warped).

What about virtual bruises?  I know that if the 27 over achievers that “poked” me between the time I logged out last night and back in this morning, had actually walked up and physically poked my upper arm, there would be one  hell of a bruise there now.  It would seriously leave a mark, someone would be calling the virtual po-po and hauling people off for virtual assault and battery.

If, like me, you “poke” a lot of people, does this make you, as one of my friends, inquired, a “poke ho”?  And as she pointed out, if you receive an excessive amount of “pokes” are you a  “po poke ho”?  It should be considered, we have reputations to guard, after all.  Of  course, no one KNOWS who pokes you aside from themselves.  They may think you are their one and only “poke buddy”, that you are in a monogamous “poke” .  Is it cheating, if you are being “poked” by and “poking” others?  This could all have serious implications! We need clarification here.  Think about it, what if your spouse/significant other found out about all your private “poking”???  And what of using protection if you are a “poke” ho??? Or should you just abstain from “poking” if you cannot limit your “poke”?

Is serial “poking” (poking anyone and everyone at random) a mental disorder?  Criminal?  How do you get folks to stop “poking” you?  Can you file a virtual restraining order to avoid being “poked”???

If you refuse to “poke” back is it rude?  Has anyone contacted Ms. Manners to see what proper “poke” etiquette is so we don’t offend someone with uncultured “poking”???

“Poking” supposedly is  a way of saying “hi” to a friend.  You can “poke” some folks that aren’t on your friend list depending on their privacy settings.  A nice way to say “hey, noticed you on Facebook” and see if they poke back.  You could even maybe use it as a form of flirting.  But what if there is more to “poking” than meets the eye???

*SIDE  NOTE:  If you don’t want to be “poked” then perhaps you need to talk to Dr. Ruth Westheimer about your disfunction simply do not “poke” back or remove the “poke” and then that individual cannot “poke” you anymore.

Okay, enough, I have “poking” to do…..


  1. I guess that I must be a “poke Ho” then! I had no clue what “poking” on Facebook was till some of my Facebook friends started doing it to me. To me, it’s their way of thinking of me!

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