An Over Due Apology

When I screw up, I take ownership of my mistakes.  Intentional, unintentional, whatever the circumstances, I admit when I am wrong.

Back in March I hosted a give away on my blog for some Avon product.  I had never done something like this so was a tad out of my league but did it anyway.  The winner was posted and I ordered the product color she chose.  It came in, I even went and purchased the packaging to mail the item, and then lost her address.  I tried a few times to email her but it seems my emails did not go through, perhaps caught in a ISP server as spam, since Avon was mentioned in the email?  I don’t know but that was not an excuse.  I could have posted on my blog, and hope she saw it and contacted me.  But I got busy and let it slip through the cracks.

Justifiably she is a bit miffed with me.  I didn’t make enough effort to maintain contact and get her the prize in a timely fashion. The item is being mailed today.

Danyell – I do apologize that this has taken so  long and for any frustrations this has caused.

As  for  me, far better  organizational skills are needed.  I used to be so good at this multi-tasking, 100 projects  going at once thing, but that was in corporate America.  I have the skills just need to dust them off, find a day planner and start DOING it.  When people count on you to do things, it is only right that you be up on things and do them in a timely manner.