The Dating Diaries ~ Pre-Game Report

Pre-Game Report From Chuck:

On deck and batting at the bottom of the order… originally slated in the middle of lineup earlier this month, he’s just now returned after dealing with some personal issues. The scouts don’t really have a lot of data on this guy, playing at this level. He pretty much jumped the minors right out of college and is still waiting to have that break out season. His home run production has never lived up to expectations and that’s probably due to his tendency to always swing at the first pitch thereby leading to a higher than normal number of strikeouts (the last part of statement included simply to maintain continuity of the analogy :) ). But anyway, it seems pitchers have picked up those tendencies and exploited them whenever possible. He told me before the game that he’s really been working on his patience at the plate and that has led to a highly touted return to the lineup today. Patience being only one of many factors to consider, only some at bats will tell if he’s going to break out of his slump and live up to those earlier expectations.

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Good morning, Chuck, and thanks for the pre-game report!

WOW you are on a roll today, my friend, and my brain is still on the first cup of coffee.

What our boy has learned through extensive practice and coaching, and assuming the stars are all in alignment, could not only pull him out of his slump, but quite possibly land that  home run and begin his best season ever!  He needs a slump buster, but not that typical kind normally associated with such turn arounds  (aren’t those very over weight ugly  types?).  No, he needs something very special, a rare gem, a true jewel.  One that ‘understands’ and ‘respects’ a player of his caliber. Someone who can throw exactly the pitch he needs and wants to help him prove he can exceed all expectations.  Those types of slump busters are more like mystical creatures, or fairies, sometimes they have to be seen to be believed.  But trust us, those little tiara wearing pixies are very real and if you can just believe in magic, it could be you will spot one in that undisclosed location today.  Trust your instincts, and be advised they usually wear a Reds jersey and are blondes 😉 but don’t sport their tiara in public!

Time will tell of course, and as game time approaches today, I am quite certain everyone will be eagerly awaiting a post-game update on how our boy does!


  1. Ok.. I wondered if there was going to be a pre-game report, but assumed you’d be busy with the “suiting up” portion of the afternoon game. Please don’t bother with a half-time report….(as I’m sure the coach will be talking your ear off in the locker room) but be sure to come back for a full post game analysis. Hope you don’t get rained out…but remember: “You win a few, you lose a few, but you must suit up for all the games”. Good luck ! LOL

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