Not As Young As I Once Was…


What the heck was I thinking?????

I am so T-I-R-E-D….

Yesterday my baby girl turned 21.  Last night we went out to my favorite little pub to have a drink to celebrate.  Me in my moment of temporary insanity wisdom tagged people on Facebook to come out and join us.  It quickly turned into a small party.  Her brother, old neighbors, my brother and Diva Angeo, my ex-husband (oh yes, I was nice and he did his best to play nice in the sandbox too), and several others showed up.  I crawled in bed about 2:30 this morning.  But not before lots of fun, photos of 3 of us (one being my daughter) up drinking on the bar, and a lot of “oh stay for one more mom/Marti”.  I must be insane!!!  While this time I did not get totally hammered, whenever I am out with my son it is usually a “you will pay for this later, self” kind of time.  I am paying for it thankfully from lack of sleep and not a royal hangover.  But then I didn’t do shots or play drinking games, I actually CAN behave sometimes!

I am so far beyond exhausted this morning.  Most of this week I have had insomnia at some point during the night, waking up unable to go to sleep again.  And now, here I sit, sucking down coffee like I  need it to breathe (which as tired as I am I probably DO).  Miss Marti will be dead on her feet today. Jumper cables may need to be used to keep me going today.

I remember a time, in my much younger days, when I could do this all week long and be bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning, sometimes not even going to bed between the party and the next work day.  Those days are long gone!  Good grief I am getting too old for this!  Who am I kidding, I AM too old for this!  Ah but it was fun 🙂



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  1. Some of the best times I have these days involve hanging out at places with my grown kids and having cocktails. Hard to put words on how much it means to me to be around them and celebrating something… anything. Whether it be a made up event like “you didn’t puke at the last celebration” celebration or something with substance like you got that job, were accepted into that program, completed a significant milestone in your life, etc. type celebration, just being around them is cool. Our next great adventure is Kenny Chesney on Thursday… my 17 yr. old gets a free ticket from dad… We’re going to celebrate her status as designated driver!!

    • LOL oh I so agree! I love the my son, especially, at 26, invites me to hang with him and his friends at the bar. I enjoy my kids so much! I am a bit sad, lost my designated driver yesterday, now she needs one too!

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