Dear Future Husband ~ Things You Should Know

Dear Future Mr. Marvi Marti,

I thought it would be nice to get a few things out there on the table in advance of the big day when we will finally pledge our undying love to each other.  This way it is in writing and you cannot  later say you were unaware.  Take notes darling.

  • I have 3 tattoos, and there will be more.  This is not negotiable.  I like my ink and I like my future ink.  Flowers and candy are all very sweet, but flowers will wilt and die and candy makes my ass fat.  Ink on the other hand will last forever.  If you want to surprise me with something special, think ink.
  • I have a nose ring.  Just a little diamond.  No, I will not take it out.   Yes you will come to find it cute.  If  by chance you do not,  well  tough tiddly winks babe.  No I won’t be piercing anything else.  I did that at one time.  The twins don’t want rings and south of the border….well okay maybe that one again someday.  It’s my border, I’ll pierce it if  I so chose.  You feel free to pierce your junk too if that is what you chose.
  • Sometimes I put pink dye in my bangs.  Just a streak or two.  Just learn to deal with it.  It washes out the next morning.  Sometimes I just feel like having it there.  No, I am not too old to do that.
  • I have a job, two of them actually.  One is daycare, I watch kids.  Yes it IS good money and I enjoy it very much.  I’m not looking to be wealthy off of it, it pays my bills and enables me to be home to do laundry, dishes, cook, and clean.  It also enables me to have time to write.  I also sell Avon.  Make-up.  Vanity Crack.  I love this job too.  I do plan to make a ton of money doing it.  I watch the stories in the training materials, I know that there are women making 6 figures dealing eyeshadow and mascara.  I plan to be one of them.  It takes hard work and a lot of time.  I have nothing better to do while I am looking for you.   I won’t be giving up the Avon, accept it.
  • I blog..sometimes a lot.  I have several.  I love to write.  I will not stop blogging, so deal with it.  Think of it as my therapist, it is keeping the body count down and it doesn’t cost you anything.  Yes I am very open in my blog and from a security perspective that might be a risk.  Tough.  I have  my doubts that the Boogie Man is looking for me, or a stalker.  And that is why there is  something called concealed carry permit.  Enough said.
  • My faith is important to me. I will attend church and be involved.  Sometimes I don’t get up on Sunday and go, most of the time I do.  It is my choice. You will accept this.

Those are a few of the non-negotiable things you will want to be aware of before the big day. Well perhaps a compromise can be reached as to a few, like no pink hair when we visit your family.  But only a compromise.

Until next time, my love!



  1. Hi Marti, Greg here. Love the letters to your husband. I DID notice that your first letter to him was about your physical being instead of who you are inside. The ex really must have done a number on you judging you or was intimidated by you and felt he had to control? What do I know, I’m a construction worker LOL! One kindred spirit lifts the other in my opinion. Looks for ways for the other to fly. I looked for someone I could show me (all of me as I am) and they would CHOOSE me over the world. Just saying 🙂 I raised my boys to WANT to help their mates be strong, confident and self sufficient. Statistically, men die first. If you love your wife you take care of her even from the grave

  2. You are one bad-ass, confident woman. Congratulation’s on bringing the world a fresh spirit. I’ve often wondered abou a pink swoosh on my………Damn Marti, no hair.

  3. Again, most of those not only fit me, but the ‘tone’ that I read them in fit me as well:) You’re an awesome person and i hope you can find the right man to respect you just the way you are.

    • OH I knew I had spotted a kindred spirit in you when I first saw that pink hair! 🙂

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