The Dating Diaries ~ The Torero

Dating through an online site has turned into a good thing.  I wasn’t sure at first, there is a stigma associated  with it, something to the effect that there must be something wrong with a person that needs to resort to dating services to meet someone.  Yet thousands are using them!  I think they rock.  It  is hard to meet new people unless you go out a lot.  And then it is more of a crap shoot.  If you always go to the same neighborhood bar, you see the same people all of the time.  Staying within your own known social circles doesn’t help either, again same people.  But meeting someone new when out is hard, lots of frogs out there before you find a prince.  At least with the online services you get to see photos, read about the prospects.  Then decide if a date is a good thing or a bad thing.

I have heard a bunch of ‘horror’ stories from the guys I’ve dated so far.  One thing is common, their reaction to me.  There is much surprise that I actually look like my photos, that I am the height I said in my dating profile, and that I really was honest  about my physical build.  Seems so many women  lie and that 5’8″ athlete is really 5 foot tall and obese.  I really feel for the poor guys.  A good many of these ladies are complete gold diggers too.  My guess is many of them will still be on there 10 years from now.  Why would anyone think lying is a good idea before even meeting someone? Credibility is so important, and dishonesty right from the start spells LIAR through and through.

I’ve had a few dates recently and two of the gentlemen I’ve seen a second or third time.  One of them I will call  The Torero.

A Torero is what we refer to as a Matador.  It should be noted that the matador doesn’t always kill the bull, but sometimes  simply subdues it.   That  is exactly what this bull needs for her Mr. Right, a true Torero, someone who  can subdue her  but not kill who she  truly is.

Recently on one of the sites, I was sent a match that caught my eye.  We’ll forgive the fact that he is  FORMER fire fighter that changed professions, because he is NOT a fire fighter now.  This is a bonus.  He isn’t an Aquarius either, extra bonus points.  Like me he is a Taurus…who better to understand the bull in me than another horned earth sign.  🙂   I’ve done my homework, two Taureans can have harmony as long as one can lead and the other follow that lead.  He seems to have solid leadership qualities.

Torero  is  also a man of faith, like me,  he attends a non-denominational church and that is  important to him, he is very active  with his church.  Definite bonus points awarded.  And he enjoys a few drinks, good food and  relaxing moments together  with someone special.  And we click, there is chemistry there.  He also knows that I  will likely write about him, at least a little bit, and he is okay with that.  He  even reads my blogs.

We have gone out twice now, and both times  we both had a great time together.  I am looking forward to getting to know this Torero and see where this goes…

Meanwhile, I’m still dating and getting to know potential Mr. Rights.  Not rushing into anything, will just see where everything takes me.

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  1. It is what you make it. I too had heard of the online dating horror stories, the comments from those who thought meeting men that way meant I was some type of social deviant etc…

    It really depends on the person and like you, I didn’t find it to be all that bad.

    Interestingly enough, as much as I hear women complaining about the types of characters met online (and don’t get me wrong, there are some blog worthy experiences that were pretty bad I could share), I met just as many men who had “special” experiences with the women they’d met as well.

    A true crap shoot!

    Glad to hear your experiences are positive for the most part and it really boils down to your compatibility.

    Good luck!

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