I Want A Buttfreckle

Okay stop laughing!  I am very serious, I want a Buttfreckle, don’t judge!

I stumbled on these by total fluke on Facebook, and now I have to have one.  Okay 2, there are 2 Buttfreckles that I simply MUST have!!!

I like the Bad Attitude Buttfreckle, and the Graziani Buttfreckle.  They are adorable.  Like me.  And they are difficult to obtain, damn near impossible, like me.

I simply MUST have these.  And admit it, now that you have seen them, you want a Buttfreckle for yourself!

Graziani Buttfreckle - http://www.buttfreckle.com
Bad Attitude Buttfreckle - http://www.buttfreckle.com

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