Coffee & Cupcakes

Coffee – the life blood of this Diva.  I likely drink far more than I should but I wouldn’t  consider facing the day without it!

Cupcakes – small portions  of something delicious, CAKE!  Sugar, fat, calories…YUM!

My brain is powered by the coffee as I write and the cupcakes in this case are small servings of a variety of things on my mind.  Cute, I know 😉

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


If you came looking for a particular post from yesterday – it’s been removed, by me, by request.  I’m really not so bullheaded, I just want to be treated kindly, and with respect. And when someone approaches me in said manner, I can be very reasonable.  Push me, I push back.  Talk shitty to me, you will get it return (haven’t got that darn turn the other check thing down real good), but mature, kind and considerate dialog usually gets through even my thick skull.  Flies…win more with honey than vinegar they say! 🙂

Had a great evening last night!  Very sweet first meeting, good food, EXCEPTIONAL company and conversation.  More on that in the Dating Diaries later.

1pm and here I sit still in my jammies, sipping coffee and just finished a cinnamon Pop-Tart, listening to P!NK and writing.  Lazy, but great morning.  Don’t judge, I didn’t get to sleep until after 3am, had a lot on my mind, all good.  I am finally hearing the stirrings of the other Divas too, guess the Diva Den is coming alive.  Better late than never!

I really had hoped to ride today with my best friend.  Sadly it is raining so that idea is nixed.  A week in review over Mexican and margaritas may have to fill in the space where the wind would be blowing in our hair while we talk.   Ah well, it IS the company that matters, not the activity.  🙂

There are a bunch of things in my head for upcoming posts on self worth, dating, love, moms and step moms….my poor brain is rolling in so many directions, and I have post-it notes all over the top of my desk full of thoughts for them all.  Going to be writing a LOT.  Though one post will be about my own dilemma to continue blogging or bail out now.  Much to purge!

But for now, a shower and getting dressed is in order or I’ll be showing up for my week in review dinner in my jammie pants and a hot pink sport bra (great visual, add massive bed head, mascara smeared under my eyes and you have one sexy look!).


  1. I’m actually kind of sad that you deleted that blog – I think, aside from the emotions, you had some incredibly valid points. The type of things that people going through a divorce don’t really think about until they get blindsided by them. It’s some of your more powerful writing and you have a right to own those feelings in your own fashion uncensored.

    If someone doesn’t like what you have to say on the topic of your divorce experiences, then perhaps they should consider their own actions a little more carefully.

    • I have password protected the post and added it to my private thoughts so I can allow those that wish to see it at my discretion, view it all.

  2. I got a chance to read the deleted post too. On one hand, I think that being reasonable and trying to accommodate others in most things is the best way to “go along to get along”. But I draw the line at my blog. People that I am related to, or know as friends and acquaintances deserve the proper respect in all things. But I am also, as you are too, entitled to the same respect. If I am upset about something, and whether we can resolve it or not, I am entitled to my feelings. Family and friends have to deal with me….it’s part of the deal. But they DON’T have to read my blog. My feelings are my own, the same as theirs. If I am upset and I write about it, people that follow me, will also get to see the point at which the problem has resolved itself. And if they can help me along the way with their comments and advice……then that’s wonderful. Where we get our help and support should not offend anyone. If it does, I think they call that “guilt”. I get comments (unkind ones) sometimes about things that I say. And if it’s constructive, they get published. If they are just trying to tell me what to do or stop me from saying what is in my heart? Well, I call that SPAM.

  3. I had to bite my fingers after yesterday’s blog…so know I wasn’t the reason it was deleted:) I agree w/ Deb. Keep up the blogging, it forces some of your readers (myself included) to look a little more closely at themselves:)

  4. Marti,
    I’ve been “creeping” on your blog and joined not too long ago! So glad you had a great evening…I happen to be one of the few who read your post yesterday and responded. Thank goodness that wasn’t the reason it disappeared!!! 🙂
    You have such a talent for writing….leaves me with a different emotion every time! Hope you decide to keep blogging…you can purge something else!!

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