What Does The Child Inside You Long For?

What  does my inner child long for?

Milk and cookies after nap time.

Afternoon nap time!

Faith like a child’s.

To not be judged because I ‘color outside the lines’ in the way I live life.

To sit on the beach and squish sand between my toes, close my eyes and let the sound of the waves hitting the shore melt my cares away and heal my heart.

Simple times when the most crucial situation of the day was refilling my bubble bottle so I could sit on the porch and blow bubbles.  Which by the way is excellent therapy!

To dance in the rain with someone special.

To walk with that person hand in hand.

To really love again, and be loved in return.

To know that excitement again when my honey is home…even after 22 years of marriage I still got butterflies when my hubby got home from work, his touch still made my heart race, I loved him that much.  I want to love someone like that again, to where 20 years later my heart skips a beat when he comes through the door.

To have someone sleeping next to me instead of my teddy bear.  I miss waking up and hearing the soothing sound of someone breathing next to me, and feeling their arms wrapped around me, keeping me safe.

To know what it feels like to have someone say “I do” and “for better or worse, for rich or for poor, in good times and bad, in sickness and health, til death do us part” and really mean it….forever!


  1. She blinked, almost uncontrollably, and couldn’t hold eye contact when she said “I do”… of course I knew this probably wasn’t going to end well. P.S. I want all that other stuff too…

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