Good Bloggers Pay It Forward

Good Bloggers Pay it Forward!

It’s an award! and I have received this from PinKim over at Truly Simply Pink.
Of course, I am honored to accept! Thank you PinKim
There are rules…
1.  Mention the blogger who gave you the award
2.  Link to their blog
3.  Pay It Forward to 5 bloggers.
I pass this award on to these 5 wonderful bloggers:

1.  The Cinful One herself – Cinful Cinnamon
2.  Kristin – Only Parent Chronicles
4.  Nota – a.nota.potamus
5.  Shell – Things I Can’t Say
Check out their blogs, great ladies with a diversity of blogs, each special and ones I keep coming back to again and again!


    • LOL you are a hoot! You will be posted around 9am tomorrow too. thanks for guesting, it is a great post!

  1. Wow!! I’m so thrilled to be recognized by you, because I LOVE your blog and your style SOOO much! Thank you!:)

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