The Dating Diaries ~ Good Luck Chuck!

This past week I had an absolutely fantastic time with a man I had met on one of the online dating services.  We never did get to meet in person but we exchanged emails, friended each other on Facebook and he found his way to my blog and we had some fun dialog there.

Chuck seems like a really super guy and from what I was privileged to view of his life via that Facebook page.  He is a fun guy, has a deep love of family and friends, and crazy fun good time in life.

I don’t know if we’d have hit it off in person, as someone special came back into his life.  Judging from his wall feed it would be his ex.  She must be someone that meant a lot to him and he asked all his friends for prayers for them as they go forward.  And honestly I am thrilled for him!  If a divorce can be canceled out and a marriage reconciled and the couple recommit to one another, I believe that is a good thing, a very good thing.  My own is about as unlikely to ever have that happen as hell is to freeze over but for those that can achieve this I applaud them. I’m not looking to reunite with Lord Voldemort, I love the man but he has chosen his path in life and it is not with me.  But I continue to pray for him that he can find that special someone that will make him happy, someone he doesn’t want to live his life without.  And the woman that captures his heart will indeed have a rare treasure.

For me…the search continues.  More dates lined up for the coming week and one day I just know that I too will find that person I do not wish to live my life without!  He is out there, somewhere!

Dear Chuck,

I  wish you all the best, my brief but very fun friend!  I do hope you will stop in now and then and visit the blog and always feel free to comment!  I thoroughly enjoyed the exchanges, you are a hoot!  As requested I will be praying all works out for you both as you move forward.  Do all you have to do to make it work, as she is that one you don’t want to live life without, so it is worth the efforts!

Best Wishes, and GO BEARCATS!!!

Your Marvelous Friend,



  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by the Hut. I kinda wondered if Chuck was writing about you….lol I give him credit for being imaginative. And hope he has good luck on “getting back on the bicycle”. Have a good weekend.

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