I’m Crazy And I Have Coffee….Stand Back!

…wow it is a new day already? Feels like I just crawled in bed!

Finally I had a good night of sleep, first one in a week.  Not sure why but fighting the insomnia again when it is time to go to bed.  Last night I was flat-out exhausted so I slept.  Over slept as far as going to church this morning but honestly, the rest is needed.  Struggling in that area at the moment but I’ll get to that in a bit.  This is one of those free-flowing of thoughts posts, no real point or direction again, just purging what is in my head.

I really need to find a way to train the cats to handle the morning coffee duties.  Considering I clean their litter box each day, and feed them twice a day, scratch heads and provide treats,  I really feel it is the very least that they could do.  Can you just picture it?  The three of them in little aprons, pushing little beverage carts through the house, loaded down with coffee cups and fresh brewed java?  I  can dream!  Pixel just shot me a look from her spot in the breeze on my window sill that conveys she is less than amused by that visual.

I had a good deal of fun this past week with someone who had contacted me via one of the online dating sites, Chuck.  His sense of humor is outstanding and there was a lot of fun banter between us on email and then he brought it to my blog when he found it.  That story is coming in a bit on the Dating Diaries, but I do want to thank him for the laughs this week, it was great fun.  I do hope I am able to encounter more men that are not threatened or intimidated by my blog!

This is the second Sunday in a row that I am missing church….okay well maybe the 3rd.  Last week I over slept, seems I shut my alarm off in my sleep (time to resort to the alarm being across the room so I have to physically leave the bed to shut it off).  I’m struggling a bit with my faith at the moment.  Nothing serious, not doubting that the Lord is there and watching out for me and my best interest etc.  Just struggling with getting in my daily quiet time in the Word and prayer.  Lost my dedication and hunger at the moment.  I can hear my friend Jane telling me  now, that sometimes it is about rote obedience, and I really do need to remember that and pull out my Bible and get IN it and feed my soul that is on an unscripted diet.  The soul should never diet from God’s Word.  Maybe it isn’t time for me to do the talking in prayer but to just sit in silence at His feet and listen for that still, small voice to talk to me?

I  really need to get back to better time management this week.  I have a list of things each day that I need to accomplish, not the least of which is working out/walking.  But I’ve let my Taurian ways take over and been laying under a virtual shade tree enjoying the breezes of life.  I also need to concentrate heavily on the Avon sales, or I won’t make the President’s Club and that would really annoy me considering it is perfectly within my reach to achieve.  I have 150 brochures to stamp my contact info on, a LONG over due prize from a give away to package up to mail, and a few orders to deliver.

But today is Sunday, rest day, and my day to spend some extensive time in therapy sessions…WRITING!  I have posts to prepare for this week so I suppose it is time to get some more coffee and get on it! First step in my time management over haul – write in advance whenever there is time!