Are you happy with where you are in your life? Why?

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Are you happy with where you are in your life? Why?

I am very much so, thanks for asking!


Because I made up my mind to be, that is why.

In keeping with my post on who impacts my life the most….I decide to be happy.

18 months ago my road in life took a detour.  No one asked me if I wanted to make this sudden change in direction.  Like anytime we are driving down a road and cannot go the way we planned, it threw me for a curve.  Okay to be honest it pretty much derailed my choo choo.  But it has all turned out for the best.

One day last Fall, my best bud, Mr. Wonderful, picked me up on the bike and we headed east.  No destination in mind, no clue where we were going, we just road like we stole the thing and kept going.  It was fantastic.  With no real plan, we cruised along state routes and back roads enjoying the wind in our hair and the sights and sounds around us.

My life for a year and a half has been much like that day trip, I have no clue where I am headed.  At first this was unnerving and even a bit frightening, but I learned to sit back and enjoy the ride.  I stop when I want, move on when I please.  I make choices for myself I couldn’t have when married because I am only worried about how things impact me at the moment.  Over the course of this detour I have learned so much about myself, things I needed to know.  I’ve done some serious pruning and removed things that were either not so attractive about myself, or simply had outlived their usefulness.

I live with 4 incredible women, family that while I was close to them, I now know them so much better and in such different ways.  We never run out of things to talk about, a day doesn’t go by that we don’t laugh a lot, and every single day one if not all of us expresses how much we love this house.  We know what a blessing the detour in my life, which caused a major detour in their lives, has been for us all.

I learned a few lessons about love in that time, things that will help me in future relationships.  One thing is that I will never allow myself to view a potential mate as someone I can live with, that would be settling.  I look for that man that I cannot imagine living without him in my life.  Not one I cannot live without, that isn’t a healthy situation.  I don’t NEED anyone.  But this will be a man I cannot imagine living without him being a part of my day, my night, my dreams, happiness, sadness, fears and hopes.  Not someone that completes me, I am whole all on my own.  But rather someone that compliments me and I him, someone to go through the next stage of life as a partner.

Life is what we make it.  We chose to enjoy it and live each day to the fullest, embracing it…..or we chose to let it beat us down, depress us, and feel sorry for ourselves.

Yes, I am VERY happy with where I am in my life right now, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!

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