The Dating Diaries ~ OMG WTF FML

Seriously, can the earth just open up and swallow me now? Please?

Call me insane, but I do put SOME stock into astrology.  I am my sign darn near to the letter.  And everyone I have ever gotten to know well is their sign as well.  I know, my bible believing friends, God’s Word is crystal clear about trusting in the stars.  However I do believe in His unending wisdom that those born at various times of the year will have certain base characteristics.  After all, names in scripture carried meanings and were given for reasons similar, characteristics.  I think the point was not to trust the stars over Him.

Anyway, back to signs.  I also know that there are signs that have varying degrees of compatibility.  I’ve checked into mine and every failed relationship I have had, seems the men fell into one of the 3 signs that I have zero compatibility with, big ZERO.  And I looked after the fact.

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If you are curious how you measure up when  paired with me, click that link above.  It should be noted, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo do NOT have any stars, we are simply not compatible.  It is interesting to note that ex-husband is a dyed in the wool Aquarius.  The most recent relationship? Yep Aquarius.  Both are also firefighters.  Coincidence? I hardly think so!!

My one profile mentions that while I am a Bengal fan, Browns and Ravens fans would be given consideration but Steelers fans better walk on water before I will date them.  Just kidding of course…sort of.

My goal is to avoid the fire service from now on.  While I am a good match for their schedules, in that I handle alone time just fine even when I was missing my hero, I just have really bad luck with them wanting to keep me.  Don’t know why, they seem up to the challenge of taming this wild creature, but in the end they bail.  Hubby #1 was also a fire fighter.  See my point?

So, yesterday I receive an initial contact from an attractive guy, wanting to get to know me.   We started exchanging emails, and so far so good.  Seems like a nice man, his profile and mine seem well matched,  with common goals and interests.  Getting a bit of each other’s history out there, I mention that Aquarian firefighters and I are a bad mix.  He replied asking if that was a good point in the conversation to mention he happens to walk on water….sigh.


and yep, you guessed it….


*banging head on desk*



  1. Wow Marti, you must have I love Public Safety plastered on your forehead because you certainly seem to encounter more firefighters than I’ve heard of for a single woman!

    I too believe I fall right in line with my horoscope (Capricorn) and I appreciate you pointing out the God view vs star view.

    Here’s a ray of hope thought- maybe this new guy is on the cusp of the next sign? You know, meaning maybe he was born on the last day of Aquarius at say…. 11:59pm and 59 seconds!

    Give it a chance first. 🙂

    • LOL yeah, I must, cause I have several cops and retired ones contacting me too.

  2. Not that I would ever stop your head banging on your desk (yeah, I would kinda like to see it as well) but you gotta admit that is pretty freakin hysterical.

    Maybe it is time to admit that God has a wicked funny sense of humor. Why else would he send these guys your way. 🙂

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