The Dating Diaries ~ What Is The Protocol?

Okay this bears asking because, well damn it this is the kind of stuff my life is full of…weird, odd, WTF kind of things.

So, you find a break in your afternoon and decide it is a good time to go check and see if you have any new matches on any of your online dating sites.  After all, you want to meet someone and you haven’t had time to check it most of the day.

Grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, you sit down and log in and sure, you have some matches, emails, winks and flirts.  After going through all those you decide to run a search and see what potentials exist in your area that maybe you haven’t yet seen.  Putting in the criteria you hit enter and a bunch of thumbnail photos with profiles attached come up.  And low and behold, there he is…

the one you thought was prince charming

the guy who had a smile that turned you on from across the room

the one you swore you’d go to the ends of the earth for

the man that rocked your world

the father of your children


So, what exactly is acceptable protocol at this point?  Of course you don’t wish to date him,  I mean for crying out loud he is an EX for a reason!!!!

X marks the spot.

X is the sign for POISON.

But, assuming you have a terribly warped sense of humor…and you know that I DO….

Is it acceptable to send a *wink* ?????

Just for shits & giggles?

I hope so…cause I DID!

Yes I really did, and hopefully old Lord Voldemort has finally grown a sense of humor.

Wanna bet he HASN’T and that it gets his boxers in a knot?


  1. Seriously – you have GOT to follow-up if you get a response from him. This is too freakin’ fantastically funny.

    • Nope no response and he has been on to have seen it. I found it highly amusing…still do!

  2. omg, that is hilarious. Can you pretend it’s not you. oh that would be even funnier. then you could set up a meet and not go. I’m bad.

    I’ll play the nice card now. Oh my, that was just wrong (No, no, it wasn’t, get away from my keyboard)

    I’ve taken care of the nice one. 🙂

  3. Hmmm… You know, the chances are probably very good that he’s seen your profile too. Does your site have a “who’s viewed you?” feature? Isn’t that funny though. Thought he was hooked up already. She get tired of the “daddy” figure?

    • Yes but mine was an inactive profile…until today. Should be interesting.
      Oh she moved on LONG ago, knocked up by a city firefighter now…go figure, the little hose bunny.

  4. Omystars! That’s a movie in the making if I ever saw one. Pure stinkin’ funny stuff!
    And I agree, boxers in a knot…but I hope not.

  5. Marti, I’m banking of shorts in a knot. If shorts don’t get knotted, then somebody else has ripped off his picture for their profile.

    But, but, he’s apparantly still possessing some of your fave criteria?

    P.S. I would have suggested “no.”

    • LOL oh it is him, more than one photo. And yeah, he likely has not grown a sense of humor enough to get the chuckle and move on.

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