Random Coffee Musings…

I cannot seriously believe it is only Tuesday morning, I am more than ready for the weekend.  Thankfully it IS ladies night at my favorite bar.  I’m thinking a few cold ones with some best girlfriends is seriously in order. Heck at this point I’ll go hold down a bar stool alone if I have too.  Followed by SLEEP.

Never start the week going into Monday morning on a mere 4 hours of sleep, it is not a good omen for the rest of the days to come.  I need to learn to turn OFF my cell phone so that those 11:45pm texts that get me fired up hold until morning when I NEED that adrenaline high to wake up, not stay awake until 2am fuming.  Grrrr…..MEN!  Enough said.

Yesterday was a complete blur, kids, diapers, and looking forward to another ‘get acquainted’ date.  That would be the 4th one in less than a week.  But I will save that for the Dating Diaries.   It was a Monday with a vengeance so I should have known things would only get more interesting.

So how does one take it when, as you are getting in the shower to go on this date, your paramedic baby brother is taking your mom to the firehouse to run a 12 lead on her because she is displaying symptoms that she might once again be having a heart attack? Good or bad omen?  I know, right? REALLY?  I get out of the shower get dressed, get the face applied and outside of the window I see the squad pull up, mom is back and baby bro is loading her butt in the back doors of the ambulance.  I am literally ready to walk out the door when this goes down.  He is just being cautious, he says, go have fun he has it under control.  Now mind you, anyone else tells me this I’m not buying what they are selling, but when he says this, well I take him at his word.  He is the the 2nd of 3 men I trust with my life, so I calmly text my date a shot of the image out the window, say  I will explain in a few but I’m going to be 10 minutes late. I told you, my life is never boring!

I received yet another wonderful check from Avon yesterday, bonus money because my downlines are doing so amazing.  I seriously LOVE this job!  Not only the money but all the high energy women involved!   I cannot wait for the big sales rally this month in Dayton, going to be a total blast!!!!

I have SO much I want to write about, just have to get my thoughts all organized and into some sort of filed order in my head.  Then I can start my “therapy” sessions (read: extensive sessions in front of the laptop typing rapidly).

Oh wow, just passed the base of Mt. Washmore, guess I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon while the little ones are napping.

For  now, a few rounds of Farkle on Facebook should help.

And another cup or 6 of coffee.