Skin Care Skeptic – SOLD!

2 Weeks to your BEST SKIN yet!!!

I have always been a real skeptic when it comes to all the hoopla surrounding various skin care lines.  After all, they are usually quite expensive and I just have a hard time parting with my money for a ‘maybe’.  So, when Avon made it possible for me as a sales representative to try the Anew Skin Care line, I figured this was my chance to prove to myself that it was highly over rated. I won’t endorse a product that I don’t believe in so before I give my review and opinion of something I want to try it for myself.

I went down the 5 question skin care survey to see which of the Anew lines was right for me.  I’m 48 years old and while I am told I don’t appear to be, I know that I’m starting to show my age.  I have  dark circles under my eyes because I’m very pale skinned (and frankly not willing to spend the money on tanning right now).  My skin also is a bit blotchy and pitted in places from a run with adult acne in my 30’s.  So I chose the Anew Reversalist regimen and ordered the 2 week starter kit.

Every day I washed my face in the morning and evening.  This was huge for me as it was because usually I fell into bed with my makeup still on, which is not good.  I also applied the eye cream in both morning and evening.  Mornings I used the day cream all over my face,  and evenings applied the night cream, then prepared myself mentally for maybe nicer feeling skin but hardly expected to ‘see’ anything change.

In addition to Avon I am a  daycare provider.  I watch 3 kids, 9 months, 2 years old and 7 years old.  I take the 7 year old to school and pick her up each day.  Usually at nap time in the afternoons I am picking her up and either my mom, sister or niece are home so that I do not have to take the little ones.  At the 1.5  week mark of my 2 week trial, I had the baby in tow when I picked up little Princess Smiles A Lot at the school.  While getting them buckled in to their seats, the 7yo  looks up at me and says “Miss Marti, your face looks a lot younger today”.  Now keep in mind the sun is shining so there is no soft light to mask over the fine lines etc. that come with being 48 years old.  I admit it did a lot for me, after all she is 7 years old, so that coming out of no where kinda surprised me.

I’m now in my 4th week of using the Reversalist regimen, and now I  can see changes.  My skin really IS firmer, the fine lines are much less defined, the blotchy areas are fading and yes, my skin really does look and feel much better, younger.  I feel like I received a face lift,  this is really amazing.

Yes I am an Avon representative, but I’m not biased.  I tried this product and whole heartedly believe in it, it really is amazing.

This current brochure, Avon is selling the 2 week starter kit (cleanser, day and night creams and eye cream) for $25 as a way to let our customers try out the high end skin care line.   All of the full size regimens are on sale as well.  I cannot recommend a skin care regimen more, it really has made a difference, I even stopped breaking out like I tend to do during PMS week.

ALL the skin care lines Avon sells are on sale in this current brochure, so if you cannot afford to consider a high end line, believe me the less expensive ones will still give you results you will like.

My daughter has fought with severe acne throughout high school and recently started the Clearskin Professional line and loves the results.  She was using Proativ, which was helping, but not nearly giving her the results she wanted and was far more expensive.  She highly recommends it and is going to write up a review in the coming weeks.

To view the brochure online just visit MY SITE to shop the eBrochure (you can click the Avon Lady icon in my sidebar).  If you are local in Cincinnati I deliver for a more personal touch, or if you prefer or are not in the area, you can purchase online and chose to have the items shipped to you directly (free shipping if the order is $30 or more).

Put it to the test, see if you don’t agree that a good regimen of skin care, used daily, isn’t the best thing you have ever done for your appearance!

Avon has a no risk satisfaction guarantee,  if you are not satisfied, they will refund your money – nothing to lose but great skin to gain!

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