Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

I suppose this is where most folks would list specific people…..

I could say my grandfather, a man I think was about the most honorable soul that walked the earth.  If I am remembered  as being half the person of character he was then I will feel accomplished.

I could say either of my parents, who did a great job raising 4 kids and keeping us all on at least something that resembled a straight path in life.  None of us got arrested and all 4 of us have jobs and contribute to society on many levels so yes, they did good.

I could say my  hubby of 22 years…and he did impact my life in many ways both good and not so hot.  The 90% of our marriage that was good carries fond memories.

Maybe I could say my kids?  Being a mom certainly is impacting!

I could go on and on with this list but still not hit the one person who has had the greatest impact on my life….

That person?


Yes, that is right, me, Marti.  I have had the greatest impact on my life.

See, everyone that comes across my path, no matter how briefly, in some way INFLUENCES my life.  Some in positive ways, others in negative ones.  But I am the one that makes the decisions for what I will do, think, say, how I react etc.

My decisions all have consequences, some big, some little, either positive, or negative.  Those consequences impact me on all sorts of levels, but they all come from decisions that I make for myself.  No matter the strength or weakness of the influences, I ultimately make the choices and live out the results.



  1. We are the ones who impact our lives. Personally, I’m like the best thing that ever happened to myself! LOL I’m stopping in from the blog hop. Be sure you go and check me out, too! xxoo

  2. VERY good point. I think people worry a little bit…and often blame others too much for the decisions they make in life.

    GREAT post! It’s making me think!

  3. That is absolutely amazing – you are right! People come and go but we have to choose how they impact our lives in the long run. I really enjoyed this post and am glad I visited from LBS Tea Party. Going to dig around in your blog now…

    • Thank you! So easy to look around us when looking in is really where it is!

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