My Imperfect Yet Colorful Canvas

Better to get to the end of your journey & look back on a colorful, imperfect mess than a blank canvas.


I follow The Single Woman on Twitter and on her page, her wisdom in life and relationships is often right on the money for me!

My life is a colorful, imperfect mess.  The canvas has yet to be completed but don’t look for a masterpiece there.  Well, on second thought, DO. I AM a masterpiece, I am me..totally unique, wonderful, me.  Consider yourself lucky if I bring you into my life for any length of time, because there is no one you will ever know quite like me!

Yesterday I posted some things about myself, here are  more of the colors on the canvas that is Marvelous Martha:

I drink a lot of coffee, straight black coffee.

I prefer diet coke over soft drinks.  I don’t drink it because it is diet, I drink it because I like it.  Yes, I am one of those women that orders a bunch of crappy food at the drive  through and a diet.  DUH, I know it is not off setting the junky calories and fat grams!!!  I  HATE regular soda, way too sweet tasting for my tongue.  So stop looking at me like I am an idiot when I order!

I have a tendency to have too many little projects going at once and not always finish them.  I think I am likely ADD, big  shocker there most of the women in this family seem to be.

I cannot dance  worth crap.  Oh slow  dancing is passable.  But I don’t usually get on the dance floor at a club or wedding, not my thing.  Don’t ask, there isn’t enough beer to get me to prove this.

I am very careful with my heart, so if I am foolish enough to give it to you and you break it, you won’t likely get a second shot no matter how much I felt for you.  Yes foolish.  I’ve yet to give it to any man that didn’t either drop it or deliberately shatter it.  I’m getting tired of it being on life support and beginning to believe my ex-husband was right when he said “all us men are pigs”.

I forgive easily enough, but I don’t forget and I never trust the person again once my trust is broken.

I love summer, because I HATE being cold.  Sure snow is beautiful and I appreciate that and enjoy watching it.  But cold is painful.  Give me tropical climates!

I am not thin.  I am not fat.  I’m a tad curvy, and I am comfy with and LIKE my curves.  Not even plump, just curvy (big boobs and hips that carried 3 babies).   I will not lose weight or put it on for any man.  Take me as I am or take a hike.

I enjoy being dressed up, but hands down I far prefer my jeans thanks.  And a t-shirt or a sport jersey, with my face all painted up for my team.  I am just a simple, low maintenance woman.

I need readers, and it sucks.  But I’m trying to grow old gracefully so I deal with it.  They tend to hang around my neck on a chain, just like my grandma.  Don’t judge, at least I can find them!

I have all my own teeth, none of which are removed and placed  in a glass or other container.

My eyes are grey.  Not blue, not green, not hazel, but honestly grey.  They pick up color and reflect it, and they change to a deep blue at times with my moods.  I only learned this recently when my best friend, Stan/Mr.Wonderful, noticed it and told me.  He was the first man that ever took time to look into my soul.  I never met anyone else, including my ex-husband, that wanted to go there to see my deepest dreams, longings, and fears…my very vulnerable side.  Out there somewhere is Mr.  I Don’t Want To Live My Life Without You Beside Me, and if he plays his cards right and doesn’t push, but takes the time to LOOK, he’ll get to see inside my soul too. (Frankly not holding my breath on that one)

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I love that time of year and cannot get the tree up soon enough.  I love all the shows, the colors, decorations etc.  I am like a kid!

I love Mounds bars, if kept in the refrigerator, and M&Ms the same way.

I hate wearing shoes! I prefer to run around in socks, hence I go through a lot of them.  I even kick my shoes off in church and they remain under the pew in front of me for the entire service.  🙂

I love to read…it is like a drug to me.  I will even read the shampoo bottle in the shower  if I haven’t had a good reading fix lately.  Don’t smirk, at least I read!

I wear a bridal set on my left hand.  It is NOT the one my ex put on me years back, I purchased this one because I like it.  It keeps the heat off.  No, not bragging, but it does minimize unwanted advances and I do get my fair share.

Eating out is fun, but cooking with someone in the kitchen is much more so!

I DO want to learn to throw darts.  I enjoyed the brief stint, even though all I was ever really told was “throw at the center of the board”.  Hoping someone will take up the teaching and REALLY teach me.

I like to bowl, I have my own ball and shoes…thinking me and my sister need to find another league soon!

I love Chipotle Mexican Grill….I eat the same thing every time I go. YUM!

I love cold fried chicken!

Dark chocolate is WAY better than milk chocolate any day.

My ice cream should never be served without special dark chocolate syrup and walnuts.

My hearing is starting to go, so  loud places make it very difficult for me to hear, I prefer a bar without live music when talking to someone. Or to sit outside on the patio where  I can hear my friend and the music.

My idea of group therapy is a circle of friends around a table and a cooler full of beer….or a table at the local bar.

My idea of one on one therapy is wine and a blanket under the stars with someone special to talk too.

Okay okay, enough viewing this canvas for now.



  1. Ick, dark chocolate. But I hear its healthier.
    I am like you. I will take, take, take you being mean to me and then whammo, over the edge. Then I will not ever talk to you again. At least you are better at that than me.

  2. It appears that all of the brush strokes have been applied with care and precision onto your unique canvas.

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