Through The Mill ~ Thursday Edition

Obviously MARvelous

Who Is Marvi Marti?

Random stuff you may not know….

I’m quirky.

I sing in the car when I am driving by myself or with kids (they never complain).

No, I cannot name that tune…or the year, album or artist…I just love a song or I don’t.

I love ice cream, most any flavor but have a fondness for UDF’s Homemade Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

I am 48 years old and I sleep with a Teddy Bear.  Don’t judge.

I am very much afraid of storms, fire, heights and the dark…in no particular order.

My favorite color is pink, followed closely by purple.

Coffee is a must have every morning, it keeps the body count at a minimum.

I  have a super power – Spidar – spider radar.  I know when one is near long before I see it.   I go into ninja mode and squash them, sometimes with my bare fist if that is all I have handy.  You’re jealous, I know.

I am a natural blond but don’t let that fool you, I am not stupid or dingy.  I don’t even use that effectively to my advantage, I cannot play dumb to save my life.

My ex-husband, 22 years of marriage and a ‘surprise’ divorce, and while I will on occasion rip him a new tail on my blogs, I love him and really do hope he finds someone special.

I am a Taurus.  To the letter.  To know my sign well is to know me.  Those under the sign of Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius need not bother, we are NOT compatible.  Seriously bad stuff to mix me with those.  Don’t hate, the stars made that determination.

My nose is pierced and I wear a small diamond there, get used to it, I will not take it out.

Yes, I do have tattoos, and I like my ink thank you very much. No it is not trashy, that is your opinion.  Yes I plan to get more.

Sometimes I put a temporary pink streak in my blond hair for shits & giggles.  Because I can.

I seem to gravitate toward fire fighters even without knowing what they do for a living, likely because I am a very strong personality and need someone equally strong so I don’t walk all over them.  Those relationships never seem to last for me, perhaps it is time to break that mold.  Chef, cop, CPA??

I get jealous, so yes in relationships I need reassurance if it is a serious one.

I am passionate about my feelings, both good and bad.

I don’t cheat, I am faithful and loyal to a fault.  I expect the same in return.

Never again will I change or bury part of myself for a man.  Take me as I am and accept me or take a hike.   I won’t ask  you to give up your various amusements (softball, golf, darts…) and I will not give up mine (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare etc).  Nope won’t tweak it either.  You either want ME or you don’t.  Don’t? Your loss pal, certainly not mine if I have to adjust who I am to have you in my life.

I am perfectly content with alone time, you’d be surprised how much I sometimes relish the silence and being by myself.

Yes I do cry, no you won’t likely see it unless we’re watching a tear-jerker movie.  I rarely let anyone see me cry, especially the one that caused the tears.

Tears exception:  Sometimes when I pray, or during a particularly moving hymn or sermon I will cry in church. This does not count as seeing me cry, understand?

Yes I go to church, I try to go weekly and not because we have too.  We don’t.  I go because my soul is hungry and likes to be fed.  I cherish my faith, if I put time with you one Sunday ahead of being in church, consider it a rare honor and be thankful, you must hold value and meaning in my life for me to do that.

I screw up, make mistakes etc.  I’m human.  So are you. Deal with that reality.

When I fall in love I love completely.  I will make you number one in my life, do not abuse this.  If you do, you may well find yourself de-throned, I’m done being stepped on and used.

I  totally support the right to bear arms.  Yes I own a gun and I will use it.  Don’t make me prove this.

My best friend is a guy, a straight married guy.  He owns a nice motorcycle.  I spend time with him talking and riding.  He helps me keep life and faith in perspective.  Deal with it.

I can check and add oil to my car, brake fluid, and change burned out lights.  Trust me, this is a big hairy deal.

I am a reformed cat hater…I love them. Love me, love my cat…or at least accept that I have one.

I won’t lie so ask questions carefully, you might not be able to handle the truth.

I donate blood regularly, and you should too.

I am an organ donor, I won’t need them when I’m gone so hopefully they help someone else.

I root for under dogs.

I am a Bengals fan, and yes I know they suck but I am still a fan.

I am also a fan of the Reds, the UC Bearcats and Ohio State.  Michigan sucks and their fans are dorks!!!!!

I like beer and an occasional shot of good whiskey.  Jager too but that stuff is poison and doesn’t like me.

Piss me off you may find yourself in my blog writings.  Don’t complain, it could be worse, you could end up in my novel.

I  like to snuggle.

I am very affectionate.

I am enjoying my life, every up and every down.

I’m not looking for Mr. Right…I’m looking for Mr. I Cannot Imagine Life Without You As A Part Of It.

Maybe Rhett had it right when he asked Scarlett to marry him just for fun?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


  1. I loved learning all this stuff about you. I also root for the underdog. I sometimes tease with my husband and say, I think I’ll start going back to church, and then he says, with all your tats, you’ll fit right in. NOT.

  2. Marti, I like this one. Simple, yet to the point. Another primer for anyone that would ever want to breath air in your company.
    What’s this about a novel?

    • LOL considering a novel. Seeing that you, stranger that you are to me, are unofficial president of my fan club, I will dedicate it to you and a few others. Least I can do!

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