The Diaper Diaries

Welcome back to my ongoing journal of daycare diva.

It has been a busy morning so far.  The alarm sounded at 6am, I have finally found a tone on my phone alarm that is at least pleasant and not horribly rude.  My Droid has a desk cradle for the phone that makes it a clock when it is docked and charging.  I love it. One glance and I see the time  in a huge font, the current outside temp and weather conditions and if I have any emails or text messages.  I love technology!

I got up,  made the bed (the one thing I am totally OCD about is immediately making my bed and keeping my bedroom in order), went down and started coffee, then hit the shower.  Once ready to roll I headed over to the home of the little ones I currently care for during the day.  It was late start day for the 7 year old at school, and she went to an amusement park for a picnic last night so I offered to go there this morning so she could sleep in and mom could leave directly from home.  I remember those days with one child to get out the door, so since I would have to go that way to take the 7yo to school it just made sense.

I fed the 3 darlings (and I do mean that, they are great, adorable kids), 9  months, 2 years old and the 7 year old.  Next got everyone dressed, grabbed the last cup 0f coffee (mama made extra, thanks mama!) and we headed to school.  After dropping off Princess Smiles A Lot I headed to the credit union to deposit my ‘check’ from last week (I feel for mama,  getting 2 little ones out of the car, into the bank and back out and into car seats is a chore!) and then headed to my house.  Little Miss Thang was sleepy so first order of business, after I set up the family room for playing (moving the coffee table, dragging out the toys, putting up safety gates and turning on Mickey’s Club House) was getting her cute little self changed and to bed for her morning nap.  Mr. Man settled in to play and I started my chores.  I  cleaned up the kitchen, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and cleaned the litter box.  Now enjoying a fresh cup of Caramel Truffle coffee while I write and wait for Diva Sarah to emerge so  I can start laundry.

Last night when I needed the tool chest to change out my license plates (figured that was best since they expired and the last thing I needed the first of the month is a ticket), my sister, Diva Boo, took over.  She is our do-it-yourself Diva, with power tools.  She  said  since I do her laundry it is the least she can do.  I love my sister!  I am SO not the DIY type at all when it comes to tools and handy man type work.  Though I never  felt I was very domestic either, but mom had faith those skills were  in there somewhere.   Low and behold, they were!  I am little Ms. Domestic Diva, can cook, clean, do laundry, maintain the household and care for kids.  I am even amazing myself.  At first I didn’t think so, but now I realize just how much I actually DO contribute to the household by handling many of the domestic chores.  It only makes sense since I am home, right?  And childcare is becoming my favorite job so far in life, it is far more rewarding than anything else I have done, and reasonably profitable as well.

The Avon is slowly but steadily taking off and growing.  I knew this would take time and hard work, but I am not real patient, I want to be a senior executive unit  leader NOW!  The money one can make selling cosmetics is just amazing to me, and it too is very rewarding.  Just a lot of work but then it is it’s own full  time job if one wants to make a lot of money.  And I do!  The potential is realistically there to clear 6 figures annually within just a few years, so my motivation is totally up!  The best part is many friends across the country can be customers thanks to having an eStore!  They can view the full brochure right on my site (or I can mail it to them!).  If you don’t have a Avon rep, or haven’t seen a brochure, I invite you to click the “I’m The Avon Lady” button on my sidebar and check out the eBrochure.  For $30 and over shipping is free.  Shameless plug: Please, visit my Avon page and feel free to look around and have it directly shipped to you by paying online with a credit card.

Okay, baby is now awake (thanks to the weather radio weekly test I forgot about and didn’t turn the radio down) and the laundry is started.   Second cup of coffee poured into my Crazy Cat Lady mug, a hug from the toddler and giggles from the baby.  At the end of the day, the little ones will go home, and I’ll put away all evidence that they were even here, until tomorrow morning when we start all over again! 🙂

I love my job 🙂


    • Thanks! Never was blessed to be a stay at home mom with my own, so I am really enjoying this job! 🙂

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