What Are Your Favorite Simple Pleasures?

What Are Your Favorite Simple Pleasures?

By no means will this be an exhaustive list, but I will hit on those that come to mind over the next few moments:

Walking…it is my favorite form of exercise and one of the best ways I burn off stress and think through things.  Sometimes I listen to the radio via my Droid, other times just walk in silence and pray.  I pick different locations depending on my mood, sometimes just looping my own street, or through the neighborhood, other times in a local park where I can watch the traffic on the river or trains coming along the tracks on the other side of the park.

Train crossings…it is in my genes to love trains.  My grandfather was an engineer, driving the old  steam locomotives and on to more modern trains as they came along.  I love seeing the lights start to flash and the gates coming down,  especially when I am the first car at the crossing.  Dead of winter, or extreme heat of summer, I turn down the radio, open the windows and just absorb the sound and feeling of the engine rolling by and then the rhythm of the cars ‘clacking’ along the tracks.  If I am close by the tracks and not in my car I will stand as close as I safely dare to the tracks and close my eyes,  I love the rumble of the ground as the sheer power of the engine is felt rushing by.  The crossing lights are like a warning to me, it is time to stop, wait.  Life can dish out so much sometimes and we forget to just stop for a moment and breathe.  I take those times at crossings to be a sign and reminder to me, it is time to just stop, feel the power of life, relish the moments here and now, wait on the Lord, and just relax.  Many see it as a waste of time, I see it as precious moments to just FEEL.

Rocking a child…I love  my job, there is nothing like taking care of kids.  I just adore the ones I’m watching now, and look forward to the newborn I will start caring for in late August.  There is something about holding a child and rocking them that is just as soothing to me as to the little one I’m rocking. Singing softly or in peaceful silence, watching their little eyes get heavy as they fall asleep in your arms, snuggled up against you.  I really look forward to the day when I will have grandchildren!

Listening to music…just laying across my bed  with a favorite CD playing, or a play list of favorite tunes, even better if curled up with someone special.  Music is therapy.

A long ride on a motorcycle…I’ve already talked about that over the past few days.  The wind in my hair and against my face, the sunshine on my skin.  Every care and all the stress seems to just peel away a layer at a time and blow away in the wind.  I don’t care to learn to drive, I prefer to be wrapped around some strong shoulders as the miles drift away.

A cold beer on a hot day…The colder the better.  I grew up in a good old German Catholic family.  Beer is a staple.  In fact it probably qualifies as a major food group! I grew up on Hudepohl 14K as a kid, my parent’s beer of choice.  Now I tend to lean toward the ‘diet’ beers like Bud Select 55.

A good glass of wine…I am no expert when it comes to wine, I just like it or I don’t.  One of the things the Divas here do is on Saturdays we buy a different wine to try, usually based on the name.  We discovered some hilarious ones one day in the wine section of our grocery store and since then warm Saturday nights are spent sitting on the deck sipping our new found treasure.  Some were duds, but many became Diva Den favorites.

Having my hands massaged…I have had arthritis in my hands, back and neck since my mid 20’s.  It came along as a partner to Ulcerative Colitis (which thankfully stays in remission for the most part for me, too bad the arthritis doesn’t).  My hands and neck are the worst without a doubt.  I love having someone rub lotion all over my hands and massage them from wrist to finger tips and back.  It is beyond description how good this feels for me, and it is probably the rarest treat I’ve ever received.

Having my head rubbed…My ex used to wake me up gently that way sometimes, rubbing my head.  It is shear heaven.  Recently, one of my favorite things was to curl up on the love seat against a friend’s chest while he rubbed my head and I fell asleep there.  It is so relaxing and soothing and to me a very special treat!

Giving a back scratch or foot rub…Yes, I actually enjoy scratching someone’s back (male), and it is a lengthy thing not a quick scratch of some itch.  I could spend a good deal of time at it.  I  also enjoy giving someone a foot rub with peppermint lotion.  I guess you could add putting someone’s head in my lap and rubbing, scratching gently.  I enjoy showing this type of affection to someone special when I have the opportunity.

Making out…yep, even at 48 I love kissing!  I could do that for  hours.  To me it is awesome.

Snuggling…yeah that too, I love curling up with someone special and talking, watching TV, on a blanket under the stars…not even necessary to talk, sometimes just the sound of their heart beating and hearing them breathe is a simple pleasure.

Those are just a few of the simple pleasures in life that just rock my world.


  1. I know what you mean about trains being a comfort having a double dose of that in my DNA from both sides. My house sits mid-way up a hill that gets faint noise from the train yard. If I stop and listen close, or there’s a quiet moment, I can hear the brakes – a sound I really love. I know that sound is like nails on a chalkboard for a lot of people, but I could just sit with my eyes closed and listen to that high squeel for a long time. I like to think about what they’re carrying and where they’re going to or coming from.

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