The Diaper Diaries – #2

Being the queen of procrastination (I have the t-shirt, hoodie, coffee cup and assorted key chains to prove it) I put off going to get my license plates and drivers license renewed.  I COULD have gone Saturday morning, but wasn’t sure if I’d be ready in time for the ride to Madison, so I waited.  High hopes fizzled out that someone in the Diva Den would be around to cover for me with the wee ones while I ran out, so I had no choice but to take them.  That or get slapped with $40 in late fines when I got there. I had to give up my vanity plates, just too expensive at the moment, but I will have them again one day.  Other things get the priority of  cash flow for now.

2 year olds have minds of their own and horribly short attention spans.  Unless of course you look like Mickey Mouse and sing and dance.  None of that applies to me.  I scare the dead back to life when I sing, and when I dance some well meaning soul dials 911 thinking I’m having a seizure.  So, taking a 2 year old and 9 month old to the BMV could have been a real adventure of sorts.  Turns out it wasn’t so bad after all.  Both were exceptional, which prompted me to go on to the credit union as well.  Naturally when I got back home the mail had come and I have  yet another check to deposit in my account from Avon (who says you cannot make money selling lipstick?).  Guess I will make that little trip tomorrow.

My morning was productive in addition to the running.  3 loads of laundry and Mt. Washmore is back under control, the kitchen is cleaned up, the kitchen table has been cleared off of the ever growing pile of mail, newspapers, odds and ends, the 7yo safely at school, the litter box cleaned, the toddler and baby both fed breakfast and lunch, and now are napping.  I’ve made more trips up and down steps and over baby gates (the new leg lifts) and finally got to sit down and write for a bit.

I am still amazed that I can make the same amount of money doing childcare as I did  managing an office,  and all while  holding down the home front.  This is just so rocking my world!  🙂