I Got Nothing….

Okay so yes, I DO have stuff to write about, but at the moment I am busy working on it so it isn’t ready.  Surely if you know me you know better than to think I’d be silent.

Why Why Why?  – question seen on someone’s Facebook.

Better question for the one that asked it:

Why NOT?   🙂

While you wait for my next post of marvi-ness, stop by Cinful Cinnamon’s page and link up for Tiki Hut Sunday.  No rules, just a relaxing blog hop and virtual drink at the bar….

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  1. Thank you for the hop endorsement. And for stopping by the Hut. And you’re right on your previous blog…there is NOTHING like the feel of the wind in your hair, and your knees in the breeze ! Wipes it all away and leaves your soul refreshed. (Someone should bottle that !!) Hey Avon Lady !

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