Monday Memos….

Dear BMV,

Really?? We used to be able to renew the plates on the car and our driver’s license anytime in the month of our expiration/birthday.  Now suddenly we have 7 days and then get hit with a $20 fine?  You sadistic, greedy bastards!  My life is not that easy to manage that I can SQUEEZE this crap into 7 days.  And what you charge for personalized plates is highway robbery. You should be ashamed!


Dear Mt. Washmore,

Consider yourself warned, today I launch the attack with the big guns! I will conquer you before 5pm!!! Brace yourself, washer and dryer, the battle is on!


Dear Mother Nature,

Southwest Ohio is NOT the rain forest.  Back off on the constant rain please.  Also, today it is a mere 48 degrees.  Really? It is May 16th, could you push it up a bit to say mid 70’s? Thanks a bunch!


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