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Welcome to Featured Friend Friday!

I met Robin years ago through a police explorers program my son was in along with Robin.

A former police woman, Robin left the force and started her own business.

I am all about celebrating and promoting other women, so I’ll let her tell you her story


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My name is Robin Pruitt and I am excited to be a guest blogger for Marti!  I wish I had time to blog like she does, I’ve always loved writing.  A few months ago she asked about guest bloggers, and, well, it’s a rainy day and I feel like blogging!

I am a director with Thirty-One Gifts, the most amazing company in the Good Old U.S. of A.  (I’m a little biased) and want to write about it.  I’m so excited about where I’m going compared to where I’ve been, and I never thought I’d be where I am today.  There is just so much going on with the company and my business, I can feel the excitement bubbling out of me.  A little about me: My husband, Anthony, has been an amazing source of support and love and is truly the biggest reason I have been so successful with Thirty-One Gifts.  We have four children, Sydnee (12), Ashlee (7), Caleb (2), and Rylee (9 months), and live in Delhi Township which is a suburb outside of Cincinnati Ohio.  I went to Oak Hills High School, received an Associate Degree at Chatfield College, and ten years later I am finishing my Bachelor Degree in Leadership & Ministry at Cincinnati Christian University.  Other than Thirty-One, I am a stay-at-home mom- my dream come true.

In July of 2009, I was invited to what was advertised as a “purse party”… and I really didn’t want to go.  I was expecting knock off coach purses and a bunch of girly-girl women sitting around drinking tea and giggling.  I was a Cincinnati Police Officer, definitely not a “girly-girl” and certainly had no interest in a purse party.  My uniform was a white collared shirt and the only accessory I needed was a gun on my hip.  What use did I have for this party?  Reluctantly, and with a little force from my dear friend Beth, I went.  If nothing else, I’d get away from the kids for a couple of hours.

I went in and there was the consultant, with all of these purses, bags, and more- that even I had to admit were cute.  I had never heard of Thirty-One, but loved that it was based on Christian principles.  I decided to have a party, mostly to get some things free that my pre-teen daughter loved, and even bought a zipper pouch for myself- to carry my gun in (yes, really).

A couple of weeks after I held my own party, I found out I was on the list of Cincinnati Police Officers to be laid off.  Among all of the emotions and fears that went through me, making money was at the top of the list.  I had tried direct sales previously with another company and it was awful.  It just wasn’t something that worked for me.  Something drew me back to those Thirty-One products, and I called my consultant to ask her about joining.  With all of the information she gave me, my husband and I decided to give it a try.  It was only $99, right?  If it didn’t work out, I’d have some Christmas gifts to give out.

My start to Thirty-One was an extremely rocky one.  I only held a few parties between signing up in August of 2009 and giving up in January 2010.  I decided it wasn’t for me, and let it go.  I didn’t even think about the business or all of the products I had sitting in my laundry room, until my cousin called me in April asking if I would do a party for her.  Things basically snowballed for me from there. I scheduled several parties over the summer of 2010, and had a couple of girls sign up to join my team in the fall.  In January, I had 3 more girls join me and had my highest month of sales ever.  In February, I met the senior consultant requirements, recruited one more lady to my team, and beat my January sales.  I promoted again in March to director- yes, two promotions in two months.  Do you get that at your company?

I can’t put into words how much of a blessing Thirty-One has been in my life for my family and me.  I am able to stay home with my four children while my husband works or is away on military orders.  It’s a wonderful escape for me to do parties, while I am still contributing to the family bills.  Throughout so many struggles over the last several months with job loss, health issues, and more, I have always had Thirty-One to fall back on.  I know that it was brought to me for a reason, which at the time I didn’t even know I would need.  I have a great group of ladies on my team.  I love watching them meet goals, earn free products, and blossom as I have with this wonderful company.  I decided to name my team “31’s Soaring Eagles” which I got from Isaiah 40:31.  The Lord truly has strengthened me through this company, and I am thankful everyday for that “stupid” purse party.

This month, I earned a $2,000 gift card that I can use to take a Carnival Cruise, take my family to Disney World, or spend at Best Buy.  How did I earn it?  Just by doing my job.  What other companies hand out that kind of money?!?! Not only that, but because I am a leader I have also earned a trip for myself and my husband to go to Mexico in October.  Since my husband is deploying in the fall, and I refuse to take a vacation without him, we are going to use the $2,000 card for Best Buy to buy two new high tech computers to communicate with each other while he is overseas.  We’ll go to Mexico next year.

I’d love to throw out to anybody who is interested in a life changing opportunity, to please call me.  I will give you all the information you need to decide if the opportunity is right for you and your family.  I promise you I am not pushy, would not convince you to do something that isn’t right for you, and won’t bombard you with calls or emails.  Thirty-One has been under a hiring freeze due to the amazing growth they have experienced, and you can now be placed on a waiting list if you are interested.  Very exciting!!!  If you aren’t in need of extra money right now, maybe you’d like an evening of shopping with girlfriends?  I can help with that too.  Any hostess who tells me they found me on Marti’s blog will receive a large utility tote at her party (a $30 value!) for free.

Thank you for taking the time to welcome me to Marti’s blog, and for reading all about my excitement!!!

Robin Pruitt