Monday Memos

Dear Self,

Staying up late all weekend will always equal a very tired Marti  come Monday morning.  Do not grumble at the coffee maker simply because you aren’t smart enough to know when enough is enough.   On the other hand, I’d love a do over with perhaps a minor modification, what a FANTASTIC time. 🙂


Dear Ditzy & Pixel,

Look cats, the bed is MINE.  It is only full size and therefore there is only so much room available.  I was here first.  I am happy to share the space if you insist on both sleeping with me but get this through your cute little heads, if I chose to change position and roll over, you are not owed a love fest for your inconvenience.   If this does not meet with your satisfaction there are 4 other beds in this house you can go snooze on!


Dear Mother Nature,

Enough with the duck weather already.  The backyard is in danger of swimming away and I melt in the rain as it is.  No, it is NOT the same thing as a hot tub.  That usually involves hot, relaxing water, not moisture that is cold and blowing in my face.


Dear Alarm Clock,

We need to talk.  I cannot hold you responsible for the time I request to be awake each morning.  However could you possibly change your approach?  That loud, annoying noise you make has to go.  I’d like it replaced with a sexy, male voice that will gently coax me awake…something like “come on beautiful, time to wake that sexy self up and saunter out of bed to the shower….”.  I expect this from now on!  Bonus points for a French accent.




    • wow so glad those days are behind me…though with babysitting for a living now I do have to be up to later hear those things, “miss Marti…..”

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