Monday Memos

Due to the hostess of Meet Me On Monday taking a break, I’ve decided to start Monday Memos.   Short little  notes to whoever  or whatever happens to strike my fancy at the moment.  Who knows, maybe I will turn it into a meme if I can ever figure out how to get a  linky tool to really function well.  And then there is not knowing if there is any interest!

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Dear Pixel & Ditzy

I didn’t have to get up today.  I realize that you are hungry, but you aren’t going to starve to death  if you have to wait until I FEEL LIKE GETTING UP to feed you.  My bed is not your play ground, please resist the urge to play “cat and the mole” under my blankets when I’m trying to sleep.

Dear Menopause

Okay this business of walking around in my own personal tropical climate COULD have its benefits if only I had control over the switch that brings on the sudden hot flashes and sweating.  Until you can provide me with such ability could you go fascinate  someone else? Thanks.

Dear Bunn Home Coffee Maker

You are without a doubt my favorite kitchen appliance.  A fresh pot of coffee in under 3 minutes, who could ever complain?

Dear Little Seedlings of Diva Angie

Diva Angie's Seedling Nursery

Please grow, please please please!!! Don’t make me come down there and sing to you!  Yeah, that is what I thought, scary thought isn’t it?  We get that it is only your third day snuggled into the fresh soil of your cute little nurseries, but GROW, DAMN IT!

Dear Creator of Angry Birds

I hate you.  This  stupid game on my phone is taking over my free time.  I have no will power, I want to kill the pigs.  Helmets? REALLY???? ON PIGS????  Perhaps there is a special place in hell for sadistic people like you!

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  1. Hi Marti – am enjoying your “memo” post. I had to comment because last summer when I returned from Italy after living there for 10 months I was wallowing in reverse culture shock. I thought I’d share them with you to read at your leisure.

    And feeling you on spring – I did a few rants from Italy last year on how Spring was just a cruel myth (“Spring Ragu”) and a big tease. I believe one of them was called, “Tuscan Sun My A$$”.

    Oh – and hearing you on the starter husband. Check. 2nd husband (gone 10 years ago) check. Am happier in the here and now than ever. Seriously cool to read other ladies out there living the only life we get like we mean it!

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