My Favorite Valentine’s Day Tradition

My favorite Valentine tradition…is the boycott.  The UN-Valentine celebration.  Yes, for nearly 22 years of marriage, I did NOT want anything for Valentine’s Day.  And I never will want anything.

See, to me it is a big scam.  Once a year, men and women who normally do nothing special for their honey-baby-mine outside of birthdays and Christmas, are guilt driven by displays shoving it down their throats some creative marketing to do something to prove their love.  They don’t do it because they were driving home from work, or out running errands and thought, “wow, I love my sweet schnookems, I think a little token of my love is in order“, at which time they buy a card, or candy bar, or flowers, and surprise their dear, sweet cupcake.  The only reason they think to buy love  gifts is because everyone else is doing it so there is pressure.  Not only from store displays, but billboards, TV  and radio commercials.

Let me help you realize something…people  don’t feel special if you are guilted in to doing something for them, no matter where the pressure is coming from.  Special is being the only woman in an office building of hundreds that gets flowers, out of the blue, for NO reason other than being loved by someone who was thinking about you.  It isn’t special when there are 50 florist delivery trucks in and out of the complex dropping off flowers for dozens of women because for a change their man did something special.  Not to mention that for what he paid for those flowers on Valentine’s Day he could have sent her flowers 4 different times on other days.  The prices are jacked up because it is a heavily promoted scam to bilk a bunch of money out of people.

If I am special, I want those unnecessary tokens (unnecessary because one’s kiss, touch, hug, attention etc should speak their affection on a daily basis, with some passion and feeling and not just when they want a little some-some) when no one else is getting them.  I want it to be because I was thought of and as a surprise (it isn’t a surprise if everyone is doing it on a national holiday) not because it is expected.  If it takes a month of advertising to bring me to mind  enough to pressure someone into spending far more than they would if they thought of me on their own..then I must not be that special and would rather they just didn’t bother.

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  1. […] a guilt driven reason to show some token of affection, which I wrote about last year in my post, My Favorite Valentine Tradition.  I don’t want, need or even appreciate anything on that day from anyone professing to love […]

  2. I am pretty sure I will love your brother more tomorrow than I do today, but that is everyday for me. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day the moment he steps thru the door in the morning and smiles at me. I don’t need a card or gift to see how much he loves me. And I agree, I don’t want him guilted into doing something for me because of a date on a calendar. Dare I say everyday is Valentine’s day around here?!?! 🙂

    • I know the feeling! Love rocks and needs no fancy packages and bows, it is priceless on its own.

  3. Hi, stopping b y from Mama Kat’s. I totally agree with this. I refuse to “celebrate” Valentine’s day with my husband — not even so much as a card. Once we got a heart shaped pizza because it was on special. Another day we used a gift card to go out to dinner a few days BEFORE. That’s another thing — forget going someplace nice to eat…always too crowded!

  4. I DO NOT want flowers on Valentines Day. My husband is not a “sender of flowers” very often. I told him straight up, don’t ever send them on holidays cuz you get ripped off. Plus he always says, “their just going to die anyway”.

    My best time I ever got flowers delivered to work said “Just Because I love You”. I will never forget it.

  5. Found your post through Mama Kat’s. I could not agree more. I think the idea that my fiance HAS to buy a generic card or box of sweets takes the romanticism and thoughtfullness out if all. It’s not really a sweet gesture if you feel like you are being pressured by the WORLD to stop by the flower shop one day a year. A simple gesture on a random Wednesday is always more appreciated in my house!

    • I prefer those random things too! Like when he blows of his normal routine to spend an evening with me!

  6. I agree, but… Valentine’s Day is about the only time FireMan does anything remotely romantic, and usually a surprise, so I’m not giving it up! Not a chance!

  7. I totally agree. Valentines Day and Sweetest day are the biggest rip offs. My husband buys me cookies or cupcakes on valentines day, something he would NEVER do normally because he thinks it’s gross how I can eat a box full of frosted sugar cookies in a relatively short amount of time. Other than that, V-day is not really celebrated.

  8. I couldn’t agree more.

    My husband doesn’t buy me romantic stuff on Valentine’s Day. But it is a good excuse for a meal out 🙂

    Stoppping by from Mama Kat’s.

  9. If you think about it all holidays are marketing schemes. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day. What about Easter and Christmas ? We aren’t Jesus, why should we get gifts on those days. The marketing society guilts us into buying gifts for every holiday. I don’t think Valentine’s Day is any different then any other holiday. My opinion. Just saying !

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