‘M’ over at The Professionally Insane, gave me this awesome award yesterday!


I have to say this is absolutely the cutest  award I’ve received!  This award is a fun one! In order to claim this award, it requires a cunning, and finely tuned skill : lying fabricating fibbing creative embellishment…

As a condition of my acceptance of this award I have to demonstrate my supurb skills by writing five facts about myself.  Four of these ‘facts’ have to be  ficticious deceptions   enhanced realities (some grain of truth but a lot of enhancements!).  But somewhere among the lies fibs fabrications falsehoods AHEM *cough*cough* ::crossing fingers behind back::  embellishments, will be one solid truth.

The next part of this acceptance is that I have to pass this onto five other bloggers. 

SO feel free to comment and let me know which fact is NOT embellished and is in fact, 100% true!  I’ll post answers this weekend!


🙂  Everyone who reads my posts knows that I am a reformed cat hater.  Call me the Crazy Cat Lady, I love the little fur balls now.  We have 3 cats in our home, all females.  While we aren’t overly picky about which breed of feline we have, we insist that they all have to be polydactyl cats!  Yes each of our kittens has more than the normal amount of toes on their paws!  Usually cats have 5 toes on their front paws, ours have 6 or 7 depending on the cat.  Nothing normal about the Diva Den, why would we have normal cats?

🙂  I love being pampered, and one of the ways in which I pamper myself is getting my nails done.  I have had acrylic nails nearly ongoing for about 7 years now.  I never got pedicures often, too expensive and frankly I don’t have real cute feet so why draw attention to them was my thought.  Recently I noticed a trend at the nail salon in which women are getting acrylic nails on their feet!!  I finally gave in and decided I have nothing to lose so had them done on my toes.  For the first time I feel like I have great feet, all nicely painted on those picture perfect, acrylic nails.  Now, I love my feet, and if it was not so cold I’d have flip flops on already to show them off!

🙂  Two of my supporting cast, my brother Mike, and his wife, Trina, are actually both my cousins.  Mike is a cousin from my mom’s side.  His mom was one of my mother’s first cousins who was pregnant out of wedlock.  She wanted to keep him in the family, but was unable to raise him.  My parents adopted him and raised him as their own.  Trina is one of my cousins, our dad’s are brothers.  They always had a special friendship and attraction to each other growing up.  As an adult, Mike consulted with a lawyer and found that because he was a second cousin to us siblings, and not a birth child of my parents, he and Trina were not related and therefore not really cousins.  They have been happily married for 18 years and have 2 kids. So, my sister-in-law is also my cousin, and my niece and nephew are actually like 2nd cousins once removed or something weird like that.

🙂  In a bizarre twist of fate, we grew up with a cousin as a neighbor and never knew it.  The boy behind us was around the age of one of my brothers when we were growing up.  I received a friend request from him all these years later, and did not recognize his name any longer.  He told me that he was my cousin, and had grown up in the house behind us.  I thought it was a stalker at first, since I knew the kid behind us and they were not related to us.  Turns out, my dad’s cousin had given birth out of wedlock and placed him for adoption.  All that time growing up we had a cousin living there and playing with my brothers and never knew it!

🙂  One time when getting my nails done, it was taking longer than anticipated at the salon due to a high volume of customers.  I was last in line so when my now ex-husband came to pick me up they had just started my nails.  He was irritated by the delay so I convinced him, with a little help from the nail tech that was now free, to get a pedicure.   He finally gave in and found out it was a rather NICE experience.  If you have ever had one, you know that they will put clear polish on your toe nails if you aren’t having color done.  After some teasing he acquiesced and let them paint his toe nails bright red.  He has worn them red, to my knowledge, ever since.  Turns out he found having his toe nails colored was a kind of turn on for him.

Okay, now it is time to present this award to 5 other bloggers that I follow!  In no particular order mind you, just others I LOVE to creep on!

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Enjoy ladies!!! Cannot wait to see your facts!


  1. I’m going with Mike and Trina being your cousins. Tho I wouldn’t be surprised at the polydactyl kitty story…far more common than most would think ( Mario and I had a Manx w/ sheesh, maybe 7 or 8 on each paw!) No strike that…going w/ the Diva cat story!

  2. Wow.. thanks for the award (it’s my first). I feel like such a Virgin !! Yeah right. I will say that ALL of the marrying cousins factoid is true.

      • Just my opinion. The old saying goes “If you don’t want no shit, don’t start no shit”. Of course, you are free to do what you want to do.

      • Well I can see how that could be viewed as stirring, but honestly just fabricating from a partial truth, in fun, for the blog criteria. Thankfully, Pete has a sense of humor and will likely see it all for what it is.

  3. I was going to say that the extra-toed cats was true…but I don’t know. You do a good job of writing enough detail in each one that they seem true.

    Or MAYBE the one about the cousin living behind you?

    Either way, you have some crazy cousin/pedicure stories!

    Also, thanks for including me in the meme. I will do my best to follow through – as you may remember, my brother-in-law administrates my blog (this is a TRUE fact 🙂 and he is out of town for business through this weekend.

    I’ll see what I can get him to hook up for me because I do like a nice lie or four. – ha!

  4. Well, I know which one is true…..lol, but my lips are sealed….


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