Wine & Cheese – 26th Serving

Welcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings.

Sit back and join me now for the 26th serving of some wine and cheese!

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😦 I have to get this out of my system this morning…I AM SO SICK OF WINTER!!!!!  Sick of cold, sick of ice, sick of the @#$%^&*! SNOW!!!  Enough said, everyone is likely in agreement and what more can be said about Snowpocolypes or Snowmageden, whatever you want to call this winter storm nonsense!

😦  I am also tired of whatever this cold bug, sinus infection is, it is time for it to go bye-bye!  Finally was able to sleep last night without the aid of my Nyquil induced coma.   Now if I could just quit blowing my nose and feeling so tired I’d be happy.

😦  Brace yourselves, we’re going to talk about poop.  Cat poop to be exact.  One of these 3 felines has something very wrong in their digestive track and the smell is worse than anything I’ve experienced in a baby diaper.   Best diet program I’ve encountered, cleaning up a litter box used by a cat with a questionable issue in their bowels.  (See, one doesn’t have to be a mommy blogger to talk about poop!)


🙂  ANTIBIOTICS!!!  The  single greatest discovery in medical history, at least in my opinion this week as it seems to be the only reason I finally started feeling better.  Can I get an AMEN?

🙂  COFFEE!!!  I gotta say that right now nothing beats a fresh, hot cup of coffee in the morning.  All the better if served up in one of my favorite coffee cups!  Yep, makes your breath smell like butt, however what would the morning be without it?  It would be a sad morning without the hot cup of  java!

🙂  SPARKPEOPLE!!!  I’ve neglected to use my SparkPeople account as being sick the last thing I even remotely cared about was what was being fed to my tummy.  But today we are back on the Spark, watching every little morsel that will enter through my mouth.  BRAVO ME!!!!  It is AWESOME and FREE and you will love it if you want to get fit, healthy, lose weight etc.  There is a link on the side bar over  yonder on the right –>


🙂  🙂  🙂  Never do anything that you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics.  ~Author Unknown 🙂  🙂  🙂


  1. I love sparkpeople too. When I remember to use it or actually have activity to record. Ok maybe I don’t like sparkpeople. It’s starting to remind me how behind I already am.

  2. Heard recently a good quote that has helped encourage me.. Soon Summer will ask, “what did you do all Winter?” I took it as my time to get in shape is Now! While it’s too cold to do anything else bug exercise! I’ll be Sooo glad I did come Summer! 🙂

    • AMEN! I ordered the Kindle edition of Spark People’s book, THE SPARK for me and my sister. Time to get our summer bodies!

  3. As far as the paramedics…. they have just about seen or heard everything. Its kinda hard to think up things that are new to them….

    Yay for spark people. I’m on there. (TereBear), just haven’t been over there in ages (I know, tsk tsk)

    • True, though I’d still not want to have to explain some things 😉

      Yep I hear ya, hard to stay motivated but summer and riding season is coming so I gotta get a summer body going on here!

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