Are You Red Or Pink?

It is Day 2 of the LBS 5 Day Writing Challenge. Today the question/topic is:

Are You RED or PINK?

I am definitely PINK!  As a child my bedroom was a lovely shade of Pepto Bismol PINK, it was my favorite color.  Well it still IS my all time favorite (purple runs a very close second), but for a few years I had a purple thing going on, but back to my first love I prefer PINK!

PINK is girly, and I embrace my femininity, I LOVE being a female.  I have many shades of the color in my personality.  Being a girl means it is okay to be emotional, and soft on the inside, light PINK.  But we are also permitted to be strong, courageous and tough when needed.  That would be my deep, MAGENTA side! (just another shade of PINK)

PINK might seem like a sissy color to some, and RED the very hard core and bold, but PINK is deceptive.  Keep in mind that to get the color PINK, you mix RED with WHITE.  Think of PINK as the more balanced form of our sisters that sport RED (no offense meant ladies) as we contain all the strongest characteristics of both RED (bold and flashy) and WHITE (soft and mellow).

This package? Yep I am all PINK


  1. Hey is this fate or what? I’m reading your blog and listening to PINK the singer and she’s singing “Who Knew?”…lol

    Thanks for “doing” Day 2

  2. oOo i loove the color red and pink as well!! 😀 very pretty colours! did you know that pink was a royal colour way back in the days in greece for men!?! haha i had a prof tell me that and i thought it was kinda interesting 🙂 but i still love the colours red and pink 🙂

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