Shells Wearing Shoes, Cookies, Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal…

My brain is not up to a lot of deep thought today so it seemed like a good reason to do a list.  Not to mention I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Midwestern Mama, who did a list post today.  Her list is  random facts about her, none of which I knew but nothing truly shocked me.  🙂  My list  is 10 random things that made me  happy this week, or at least smile!

1.  I got my nails done this week!  They were very long, street walker nails is what my youngest brother, Mike, called them once.  They are at a much more manageable length now.

2.  I got my hair cut and highlighted this week!  It was way over due and driving my nuts so I was quite happy to be squeezed in to Debbie’s schedule and have it done.  Even better was finding my daughter there having her hair done, and my sister showing up to get her’s cut as well! Family night at the hair salon.

3.  I got a new purse.  I have had the same one for well over a year now, going on two to be honest.  It was time.  I LOVE it!  Black leather, and big enough to carry my Kindle in, which is critical as that goes everywhere with me now.

4.  My mom brought home cookies the other day when she returned from a trip out.  Pecan Sandies…with dark chocolate chips! YUMMY!!

5.  My niece shared a Youtube video of Marcel The Shell, which totally cracks me up.  Here it is if you need a chuckle:

6.  I tried out the Chinese place across the street from my office last week, and this week tried cashew chicken.  I now have a new, favorite lunch to munch in addition to the Chipotle addiction I have.

7.  I  found a brand new tube of Oil Of Olay In Shower Body Lotion!!! This stuff is SO good, and is the single best cure for dry skin in winter.  I thought we were out, but while digging through the supply basket for face soap I found the in shower lotion. YEAH!!!!

8.  I had a craving for something yummy, and fattening…and discovered we still had some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream in the freezer, YEAH ME!!

9.  My cat purring in my ear as she fell asleep was so soothing!

10. I finally have a TV for  my room!!!! My son  moved back home with my ex, and had a spare, 21  inch, flat screen TV (HD!!) and he gave it to his mama!  Cable box will be here tomorrow and tomorrow evening I will be able to watch TV in bed, in my room.

SO, as you can see, all in all, this has been a GREAT week, even though I am sick and feeling like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag, life is still good!


  1. You are all indeed blessed to have each other. What a wonderful week) All this while feeling like poo! Hugs, gal!

  2. That is SO sweet! I feel very honored to live in the same home you do. You make things so much fun!

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