Yawn, Hurl, Yuck…

I am EXHAUSTED.  And sick.  Some how I managed to contract the cold or whatever from hell and lose my voice.  My head is stuffed up, I am lucky to get out enough voice to even be heard, and last night had the pukey stuff to go with it.  This so is NOT what I wanted to be doing.  I wore out completely what little voice I did have by the time I finished work yesterday.  Just after crawling in bed and drifting off to sleep last night I was suddenly wide awake and very very sick.  Without much  detail it is suffice to say that  I never made it out of my room, and owe my sister big time.  I was completely unable to sleep all night between the sour stomach, mega night sweats and not being able to breathe.  I stayed home from work today and slept as much as possible.

The cats seemed to pick up on the fact that I was not well, as they all came and checked on me several times.  Noel was in bright and early this morning and groomed my hair line on my forehead.  That is a big hairy deal as she is anti-social.  Guess they were worried that the food wench (I am the one that typically feeds them both times in the day) might be on her death bed.

Ditzy napping with me

My cat slept at my feet quite often.  Then later, during an afternoon snooze,  little Ditzy kitten came and  napped with me.  She is such a doll.  While the other two will check on you, Ditzy is a cuddler and she wanted to snuggle in for her sick watch over me.  She purred for close to 20 minutes, even as she drifted to sleep, which was flat out adorable.


  1. Hope you get to feeling better. I have actually been “cat shopping” lately. Have always had them up until a few years ago. I always miss one when I have to take the dogs out, yell at the dogs for barking at someone walking by the house, or cussing the dogs when I have to be home because I’ve had them in their kennels for too long. Awww the independent cat !! I’m getting one. But of all the ones I’ve “interviewed”… none have been a fit yet. We will know each other…I’m sure of it. Take care…see ya on the “bloggy side”.

    • That is so funny, there really does have to be a ‘fit’ with a cat. Each of our 3 fits the human that serves it 🙂 Be sure to post pics!!

  2. Popping over from SITS today … I laughed when I saw your post title… I have to wonder what kinds of GOOGLE traffic that brings you – ha ha! 🙂 Ironically I too was sick when I wrote my last post, its just the pits I know, try having sick kids in bed with you = double ugh. Glad your kitties kept you company.

    Feel better!

    • Thanks Lindsey! Thankfully, my babies are 20 and 26, so I get peace when I’m sick. Except of course for the felines.

  3. Marti, I hope that you feel better soon. That’s so sweet, about your boyfriend wanting to come over to give you some TLC when you are sick!

  4. Hope you’re feeling better! Hey, I have a totally unrelated matter I wanted to ask you about. Can you email me from whatever email I can talk to you?

  5. Aww, poor baby. And you’ll notice as soon as I saw the words “yawn, hurl, yuck”, I clicked on the link. I did. So you have a guy who will drive 40 minutes to give you a hug? Sweeeeet. He won’t care about the no make-up. Trust me.

    • Yep he has done it when I’m not sick, just drove to spend 15 minutes with me one day shortly after we connected. He is truly Mr Wonderful!

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