Make Way For Sister Mary Martha?

graur razvan ionut /

Make way, Sister Mary Martha coming through! You can all relax now, no more panic, it is I, ‘the h0ly one’ as someone from my past recently was seen to have referred to me.


Okay brace yourselves, I am about to burst the Saint Marti bubble.

First, take  note of my halo…what you don’t see it?  Maybe cause there just isn’t one? If there is, it would be beyond the ability of any polish to clean that tarnished circle!  I don’t have a halo around my head, my thoughts are not all that holy.  Wanna talk about a work in progress?  “Dear Lord, I pray You will rain down blessings and riches, right after someone shoves him out in front of a passing train.”  See? Proper thought life is still under construction!

Wings? Like angel wings? LOLOLOL, no bells going off around me, so no angel  getting her wings.  Well unless you count falling down in the bathtub as flying…and considering my landing was less than soft and gentle, in fact it left the bruise  from hell on my knee, I’m thinking we’re an eternity away from and fluttering from cloud to cloud.

“Let no unwholesome word proceed out of your mouth….”  um..yep that area is still requiring intense divine intervention, thee holy bar of soap with which to wash out the mouth.  I’m still making truckers blush though not as often.  But when I do let loose with a string of obscenities I hold nothing back.

No bible thumping here.   If I want to make a point I’ll use a baseball bat and beat it into ya! Don’t want to hurt my bible, it is 27 years old and thumping on ya with it could hurt the binding and rip the pages!

I won’t be pointing out the spec in your eye, dear reader, or  sweeping in front of any one else’s door.  I have an orchard of sorts to remove from my own line of sight,  and it is going to take a bulldozer to clean up in front of my door.

My faith is important to me,  and now that I’m back to SEEKing (my word of the year there, SEEK) it IS a focus, but those writings are on my other page, and nothing about that page or those posts is likely to get me through the pearly gates either.

Holy one….ROFLMFAO, a holy hot mess maybe, but don’t be sprinkling holy water on me, it WILL sizzle and burn on my skin.  I am far from holy, only a work in progress!

I’ll be nice, and pray for that  person, okay?

*did I just hear a train????*