Sand Castle Dreams

“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.”  ~J.M. Power

When I was growing up we periodically vacationed on the east coast around the outer banks or in Florida.  From a young age I have loved the beach  and ocean, believing the sound of the waves on the sand is God’s perfect therapy for our stress.  Nothing seems to sooth me like closing my eyes and listening to that sound.

One of the joys of both children and adults alike is building sandcastles on the beach.  Sand that is moist and stays that way is the best for building them, so the best spot is always near the shore line when the tide is low.  Plenty of moist sand to build until your heart is content.  Of course the trouble is, when the  tides shift the water will wash over that beautiful creation and slowly wash it away until there is barely a few bumps on the beach where it once was standing so proudly.  If you opt to build further  inland, bringing the moist sand to your wave safe location, once the sand dries the wind will carry it away, eroding it until again it is just  a pile of sand.  No matter how much time and effort is put into the forming of that sand castle, sooner or later  it will vanish.

Dreams are wonderful things, they help us to keep a positive out look on life.  Dreams often become the foundations of our goals and desires, something we want to achieve or obtain.  We might dream of being famous, or getting our masters degree, a better job, having a bigger house, a nicer car or finally tying the knot with that one person that we simply cannot live without.  On the beach of our minds we play with those dreams, shaping and carving them carefully into something special,  like the sand castles on the beach.

But in order to have our dreams come true we need to act on them.  We need to wake up and DO something other than just dream.  Dreams are good things but they cannot become a reality just by building them on the sands of our hearts or minds.  So many times when asleep a dream has been so real that I was sure when I opened my eyes it would be a reality….and then the light of morning bringing me out of my deep sleep revealed that it was nothing more than a vision in my mind.  In order to achieve our dreams we have to make them a reality,  or at least try.  Wake up…plan…and DO something.  Certainly risks may be involved, either financial,  time or emotions, but without the action we can never know our dreams as realities.

If we only dream and never wake up, the dreams are nothing but sand castles waiting for the waters of life to wash them away, unfulfilled, until they are but a vague memory of what could have been.  Don’t wait for your dreams to vanish, wake up!

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  1. Visiting from Mama Kat, and I am floored by this. What wonderful images you created. You are right, both children and adults love to build sandcastles, perhaps because anything is possible there. It helps us think outside the box and find ideas that we may never have thought of. And then the work to bring some into fruition – and let others live in the happy world of a pleasant dream or castle at the beach. Thank you for sharing your writing!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    I live on the beach in northeast Florida. And I saw a really cool sandcastle this morning — a car. I wish I could post the picture on your blog.

  3. I really like this writing. Thinking of the beach and sand is soothing. Stopping by from the writer’s workshop.

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