Day 11 – A Photo Of Me Recently

All About Me In 30 Days – Day 11

This is not a favorite day in the “All About Me In 30 Days” challenge.  Mostly because I believe the past year has aged me rapidly as I worked through the pain of my divorce.  But I also grew and matured in areas that make up for that.  I don’t like the idea of aging gracefully, I want to fight it every step of the way.  But the reality is I am getting older and need to just accept that I suppose.

So  here are some photos from Christmas Eve this year, that is about as recent as it gets!

Divas! Right to left: Sarah, Jeanne, Boo, me and Mom
Diva Sarah and Me
DIva Boo, Diva Sarah and Diva Marvi Marti
Mr. Wonderful and Me!!!

Christmas Eve was a complete blast around here.  I am so happy that Mr. Wonderful was a part of my holidays, it was a lot of fun and I love having him around.  One thing I noted, I am the only blond left in the Diva Den, all the other girls dye their hair brown in winter.  Hmm…maybe I should give it a try?


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