Random Tuesday Thoughts


A hot cup of Highlander Grogg coffee, already in my jammies at 7:23pm, a roaring fire in the fire place, and crochet hooks flying, stitching the yarn into our latest creations.  That is my evening agenda, as I have no less than 3 blankets I am working on.  Over commitment issues? Perhaps.  But it is therapy for me.  I also have to set aside some time for some devotions today too, as I have not spent any time in the Word like I need too.  Hmm..I COULD work on memorizing Psalm 103 while I crochet, that would work! Multi-tasking in new areas, I like it.

I love that we are likely going to have a white Christmas, but I so hope that the snow stays away until very late Christmas Eve, so that all of our family can be here to celebrate with us! That and my baby girl can get here safely that night after she celebrates with her boyfriend’s family.  Once everyone is safely home I won’t mind if it snows.

Tomorrow is my last day to work this week, then 4 straight days off! I cannot wait. I so need to sleep in, I am just exhausted lately.  And Thursday morning I need to finish shopping. Too much to do yet and not nearly enough time to pull it off!

There are just not enough hours in a day, I could use 48 and still not accomplish all I need too get done.

Oh well, off to relax for a while in front of the fire with my coffee, yarn and hook.


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